RO:HoS Music/Soundtrack

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 31, 2007
Something which hasnt been covered (atleast to my knowledge) or a thread I haven't seen yet - is about the music of the next RO. I know this is probably on the bottom of the list of priorities when the majority of suggestions are surrounding aesthetic and gameplay - but I think that music (and even SFX if you want to encompass into this thread) has an equally important role in the game.

The first RO for example - I found it had exceptional music. I loved it! (Speaking of which I'm listening to it now - which gave me the idea for this thread)
I loved the music so much that I converted the ogg vorbis files into mp3's.
Sure, RO's music most certainly isnt Vivaldi's four seasons, or some usual dramatic (and generic) game soundtrack which is to emphasise the epicness of the battles and the heroism blah blah /cliche. Yet alone good games now a days having a good soundtrack to accompany it.

But the thing I loved about the soundtrack is that the melancholly mood it sets works well with the way the game is developed and emphasises how brutal and horrible the Eastern Front and fighting in the East was. None of the glorification and grandiosity that comes in battle and in death - it is quite the contrary if you ask me.

But the classical music was fantastic. The majority of the tracks did have this 'depressing' (I use the term losely because it can be quite a strong word) feel to it, but the tracks that emphasised the combat certainly depicted the desperation, franticness, coldness and slight excitement of battle (just to name a few of the themes) and I completely loved how the music was composed - it had this predominant Russian/Soviet classical feeling with the way the instruments were played.

I dont know who played the music for the original RO soundtrack (I think it might have been an orchestra/symphony? But correct me if I'm wrong which I probably am)

I think in RO:HoS, given that there'll be a singleplayer the soundtrack if played often and in good context will make a great game. If it is coincided with a campaign that follows the hardships of war from both perspectives (as a suggestion in a previous thread about a "diary" style campaign) I think it'll be a great game.

It would be nice to have a new soundtrack similar to the first. What are everyone's thoughts?


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 10, 2006
There are historical references of the use of loudspeakers blasting polka music into Stalingrad to demoralize the trapped Axis. Perhaps also some eerie polka then?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Elitist Prick Nude Beach
Yeah, I've always liked the mod soundtrack. Brings back memories from the old days. It conjures images of soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front.

A new soundtrack would be nice. Maybe a couple of remixes of the original soundtrack thrown in and a couple of new tracks, etc. There are plenty of independent artists who can do that for TWI. Black Foot Studio hired a talented guy as well. But they can also ask Matthew S. Burns (the guy who did the mod soundtrack) to make a new one. Failing that, they can always use the old soundtrack.

Listening to it now. RO's main theme is very good. :D

EDIT: the mod had radios scattered around some of the maps that played a Russian or German song, I'd like to see that in RO:HoS again. What were the names of those songs again?
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Mr Milkman

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 10, 2009
haha started cool with the drums, pretty dramatic, but then the music sounded rather celtic, kinda old English colonial type shiet.. a little too upbeat, but i admit i didnt listen to the whole thing coz im pressed for time...

I think dark, foreboding and at times even depressing military music, and especially that polka shiet they played to demoralize the germans... how haunting could that **** be if used properly huh?
I mean Stalingrad was one of the most horrific military fubars in history, total cluster ****. The German army encircled, without hope, so many ways to die, all painful was all that was left of their future... I think the soundtrack should reflect this...with maybe a bit of Kylie Minogue added every now and again or a crackin west coast hip hop beat, haha some rider music for doing drive bys with
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 5, 2010
Sky high
milkman, you should stop the drugs, seriously! :D

btw, NO TO POLKA MUSIC! If the soviet used them to anoy germans, proberly all players (or at least the german ones)
will be anoyed too - and call me crazy, but I DONT PLAY A GAME TO BE ANOYED! ;)

Nestor Makhno

FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 25, 2006
Penryn, Cornwall
Germans surrounding Pavlov's house used to shout to them to play "Katyusha" on the gramophone player the defenders had found in the basement.

The Soviets obliged - mostly cos they knew that they would not get mortared was long as the music played.

They also used to play some neapolitan arias at the Germans as well, having a found a stash of records of them, too.

The favourite songs of the krasnoarmeytsi were usually sentimental like Katyusha or the Little Blue Shawl, the tune of which later appeared in the song, June 22nd 1941.

The government preferred more stirring stuff, such as Svyashcheennaya Voyna


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 1, 2006
Maine, US
About music for the game check out this:

Ah yeah FH mod used a clip from that for their game, from that film someone reminded me was called Last of the Mohicans.

Great music, but it almost definitely has copyrights.

Personally I wouldn't mind a re-done version of RO's theme.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 5, 2010
Sky high
...from that film someone reminded me was called Last of the Mohicans.

Great music, but it almost definitely has copyrights.

Yea, you are right, its "the last of mohicans" soundtrack.
And I never said they should take this track, but make maybe something similar (in terms of unique)...


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 5, 2009
It was nice in Ost, but I turned it off. IMO, you can't play this type of game with music. Distracts you too much.

But I would like to see some nice menu music for HoS.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 3, 2010
Porto Alegre, RS
This thread is about the MENU music, right? Cause I'm against in-game music.
I think HoS needs a powerful, melancolic and sad soundtrack like the one I posted above, since the battle of Stalingrad was nothing but sadness. :cool:


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 5, 2009
Why are you against in-game music? In RO:Ost, turning in-game music on is an option, and people can have it on or off based on their preference. It would be a shame to take that option away, since many people like to play with the music turned on when in-game.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 5, 2010
Hearts of Iron 1,2 & 3 has the best Historical War based classical music! - It's the perfect kind I want to see for RO: Heroes of Stalingrad!

PLEASE use realistic War-Themed classical music, it was great in RO:1. However theres much better than which was used in RO:1

Note; These songs are actual songs professionally made, not just used in Hearts of Iron.

Listen to these! (Amazing)

(Stalingrad-Adagio) - AMAZING
YouTube - Hearts of Iron 2 Soundtrack - Stalingrad-Adagio in D-minor

(Rise my Comrades) - I ****ING LOVE THIS AND ITS PERFECT!
YouTube - Hearts Of Iron III: Rise My Comrades!

(War) -
YouTube - Hearts of Iron 2 Soundtrack - War

(The Internationale) -Soviet Union National Anthem under Stalin - A MUST!
YouTube - Fall of Berlin with Soviet Anthem
(In English) YouTube - Soviet/ USSR Anthem in English [by Paul Robeson]

I'm getting more from a friend soon, so stay updated -

Let me know what you think of the songs I've put forward.