RO- GP ToroRace 1936 B3

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Oct 23, 2010

Hello everyone, this is a project that had already begun some time ago, I remember those wonderful afternoons playing with my friends at Red Orchestra, the bullets whistling ears and exploding grenades at your side, death here and there ... Then I thought about making a map that did not harbor any violence, or at least I thought so :D, and I started making this map.

This map is a typical racing map, this map does not contain any type of weapon, as you will see the circuit path is marked by signs, but to make the map a bit more fun I added some "shortcuts" through the circuit, which are not marked clearly :p.

These "shortcuts" rather shorten the original route of the circuit, but at the same time are a bit more difficult for the inexperienced player, maybe even die in the attempt!

For the first "spawn", we have 40 sidecars, then I strategically placed a few "spawns" distributed by the map where there are not many sidecars, these "spawns" automatically when someone from your team pass close, the "spawns" are not related to the "capture zones" in this map.

To win the map that is needed is to capture the last position, the other "capture zones" are for informational purposes only to see which team is headed at this time.

I think the map is already finished, but still fails to prove first that Beta3 correctly if there is any error.

The only thing I could not fix is to move your head when you take thesidecar for the first time because it can not happen. The only way to rectify this is changing into the passenger seat and return to the driver again, then if it moves.

This is all for now, thanks for your time and I enjoy playing it.

YouTube - RO- GP ToroRace 1936

to download the map and the packages needed to play: