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2D Art RO Art Competition - win 150 Euros

Really, stags' pics are not bad, but he didn't do more than pasting images together - or do i see this wrong?

don't get me wrong now, i don't think his work is bad!

I did put a lot of screenshots together, actaully thats all theya re made of, but if you think about it, whats better to exploit the highlights of the game than actual screen shots? In the second one, there are quite a few in the scope alone lol, (sandbags, wood, building, IS-2, tankcommander, new sights on the scope after that, the glare, the 3d look to the scope), it took forever to get the tank commander in that IS-2 lol

the last/next one will not just be screenshots (It will be the main theme though) but it will be more extensive as well. I just use screenshots because the purpose of this is to capture the highlights of the game, no?
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StaG's in KAS, or so his copyright says.

I'm going to hit their server and beg for a sig.

Back on topic.

Zoring, thats pretty, but I'm not sure about the weaponry backdrop. I can't really put my finger on it, but I guess I would just rather see a realistic environment than a static white background.

Still, great job!
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Remake of the screenhsot made when i was woring on gallery about the Navra 17 March. Actually not much haged except of hiding a bit a glowing fragemnts of the wheels.
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