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2D Art RO Art Competition - win 150 Euros

Nestor Makhno

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Feb 25, 2006
Penryn, Cornwall
I decided that I want to encourage the many skilled artists in this community to produce a piece of work that summarises what we all love about this game; an image which expresses the thing that you like most about the RO:Ostfront experience.

So I came up with this compo.


The prize will be 150 Euros.

The judge will be me.

I will announce my decision on 31st January 2007.

The decision will be made on the basis of what images are in the thread at 8pm UK time on that day.

To enter just create a static image of maximum size 800x600 pixels, using any kind of software or physical methods you see fit, and post it so that it is visible in this thread. The use of JPG format is preferred.

The image must be based on the theme of this game and may, if desired, be based on screenshots of RO:Ost. If screenshots include any custom mapper's or skinner's work please get express permission of this person before making an entry which uses such screenshots.

Do not post any image which contravenes the forum rules.

The work must be the unique, original creation of the submitter.

Up to three entries per artist will be considered during the judging. Entries may be altered after submission but the judgement will be based on what is current at 8pm UK time on the 31st January.

The Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the artwork submitted remain the artist's unless the artist wins in which case all IP rights to the winning piece become mine upon payment of the prize.

The prize remittance will be made through PayPal. The winner will be notified by PM then expected to submit to me an email account through which I can make the prize payment.

By submitting an entry into this thread you are agreeing to abide by the rules as stated above and are agreeing to be contractually bound by the IP conditions.

By posting this I am promising to pay the prize of 150 Euros, or spot-rate equivalent in the winner's currency, to the winner on, or shortly after, Jan 31st.

Tony Gillham (Nestor Makhno)

p.s. c'mon don't be shy.

p.p.s. please mods can you sticky this and keep this thread clear of anything but picture entries?
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I will accept the first 3 entries per person. If they want to replace an entry with another one later they can just edit the post's link.

I will judge based on the first 3 entries appearing on the thread (when scrolled down) per person at 8pm UK 31st Jan.

BTW Hobbs - if that is Berezina there, best you ask Slyk if it's OK to use it.
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Here is my first entry...

I took a whole bunch of screenshots with the help of a friend yesterday and i've been playing with them trying fancy things and various tricks...then I came across this image...

It looked great in Black and white...I kept the flames in colour.

So simple yet so effecive...

I hope you like it :)

I was originally aiming for symbolism of germans dying at the alter of facism of something along those lines..

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