Rising Storm 2 Update 1.6.1 Is Now Live

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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where sprinting and meleeing with weapons that did not have a melee animation would end the user in a bad state and crash
  • Fixed an issue that prevented EGS players from accessing the Green Army Men content.

  • VNTE-CuaViet:
    • Fixed an issue where the Rifleman role was not available for the US forces in campaign.
    • Lowered the US Aerial Recon as it was too high up to be shot.
    • Fixed an issue where overtime would not activate on Objective H.
  • VNTE-KheSanh:
    • Fixed an issue where the Rifleman role was not available for the US forces in campaign.

As always, thank you for your continued support!
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Dear Tripwire Interactive,

Rising Storm 2 has been my favorite and most played game on PC since 2018. The fact that the game still has a high player count to this day is a testament to how well the game was made. However, the legacy and the future lifespan of this game has been significantly impacted by the Epic Game Store update. Us dedicated players only ask for two more things before the game is abandoned from a development standpoint: Please, please, please fix VOIP and restore the ability to mute and unmute players. This is all we ask.

I don't wish to see wasted efforts fixing bugs that I don't even recall seeing in my several years of playing. VOIP is an incredibly important part of the experience. Being able to hear players play Fortunate Son over local chat while the chopper was flying was incredibly immersive. Also VOIP is very important for team gameplay.

Please do not leave the game in its current state. Its the only game that I haven't been able to put down in recent years, and is therefore very important to me.

I hope you will take my words and those of other dedicated players into consideration.
i am running a dedicated server but after updating my server with the most recent one, the server doesnt show up in the server list and if i try to join by type in IP address, it says something about the host doesnt have downloaded all the files some sort. Client side is also updated and I updated server through steamcmd by " app_update 418480 validate " and validate the whole file multiple times. how can I solve this pls help.
Dear Tripwire Interactive,

Noticed the Epic Game installer pushing a patch for your game, and decided to check for patch notes. That lead me here, where I observed the above comment. I joined the forum just to be able to second what this guy just said! I think he has articulated precisely how many of us, the remaining playerbase, feel concerning the matter and I could not agree more! I urge you to please consider his words.

Thank you.