Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

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As you are most likely aware, Antimatter Games, who did the majority of development work on Rising Storm 2: Vietnam have been acquired by Toadman and announced they are working exclusively on a new title of their own. As such, they are no longer actively developing RS 2. While we work on the longer-term implications of that, there are a number of issues we are aware of and are actively working to fix for you in the coming weeks, including but not limited to:
  • Whitelist updates for new mods/mutators
  • Servers intermittently going deranked
  • “Black screen” during Campaign Mode under certain circumstances
More on this over the next few weeks. And as always, thank you for being fans of the Red Orchestra and Rising Storm franchise.
I was wondering if Antimatter were the ones working on the green army men. The Game mod saw an increase in players when the new map came out and the DLC went on sale. What has killed it since is the constant freezing up of the my server. If the server crash issue can be addressed and if another DLC sale could be announced I think I can get my server full again..
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Sad news, not surprising, but sad nonetheless.

Still quite a few bugs that have been in since beta that still need to be fixed. I just hope Tripwire can manage to fix some of these and add some of the teased but unreleased content, such as the MG34 and M113 for example.

Bugs that come to mind:
Dying while carrying the DsHK causes it to not respawn on the supply point for the rest of the round.
Helicopter controls (mouse) locking up after the pilot (attack choppers) gets killed, co-pilot survives, lands at base and pilot gets back in the main seat. - Currently fixed by the co-pilot getting in the main pilot seat and out again.
From what I understand, you guys are still working on a yet-to-be-released patch for the game right now, but this patch is going to be the very last update/change to the change?
We are not currently planning any further content updates for the game ourselves. However we still plan to support our community, including the modding community to make sure they can release content for all to enjoy.
We are not currently planning any further content updates for the game ourselves. However we still plan to support our community, including the modding community to make sure they can release content for all to enjoy.

Wouldn't supporting the modding community involve whitelisting mods and mutators that have been submitted for whitelisting months ago?

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Green Army Men is the perfect case-and-point for why this game is failing to the point that not even its time-proven CORE-COMMUNITY, supports its development and player base...
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This game has not only been abandoned by the "casual"/"newcomer"(to PC gaming) demographic (R0/RO2 were too, but it didn't matter) but its FAITHFUL-PLAYER-BASE, as well.

(When) --You lose the nerds that like to play your game constantly for hours on end, while making the gameplay and server-climate "worth-something" (other than COD "team deathmatch"): well-then, WHY would you even begin to THINK that a "CASUAL-crowd" would WANT-to-BUY-and-spend money-and-time-- on your game (aside from those few players that were looking for what that "CLASSIC RO Playstyle" had to offer--anyway)?

The currently-mustered Dev Team for this title: needs to get its priorities ironed-out: plain-and-simple...

But hey, NOT MY PROFIT that's being lost-- just the quality of a product, I purchased...

I would suggest that RS2 be overhauled in some way which would set it back on the proper course, towards reflecting the past-successes of RO and RO2/RS...

A GREAT place to start, would be by: re-thinking the "TEAM-ROLE-STRUCTURE" to allow for a more genuine-and-immersive, "military-organizational-structure"-themed experience...

For-one: there are too many class/role/kits, especially with Southern Forces.

New players think this game is SUPPOSED-to-be-- a-slightly-upgraded-version, of "Call of Duty".

The Rifleman, SHOULD-BE the dominant role of each team's forces.

Remove the combat-engineer-kit for Southern Forces, until you can figure out a more realistic-and-complete-'way'-- to implement flamethrowers and their tactical-use...

Players who are the highest-ranked, SHOULD be prompted to take on the Squad Leader Role (make it an 'OBJECT'-"role" again...) FIRST, before electing to pass-it-up-and-on...

Further, Squad Leaders should be given the "first-dibs" on non-rifleman, infantry-kits, so that they (SLs) can claim-the-initiative of their squad, and there-by DIRECT HOW their subordinate-teammates: will fight, and what they will FOCUS on...

This would STOP noobiez from barging into servers, and fighting over the marksman-role, to the point of kick-spam CANCER...

It would also stop the same, from "lone-wolfing" and failing to support their squad, at-all...

Put less power in the hands of noobz, and more power in the hands of commanders and Squad Leaders, given you have a reliable-and-effective system for promoting players to different combat-leadership-positions...
I don't think TWI is economically interested in RS2 anymore so I don't think anything is going to happen.

I don't understand why flame throwers aren't attack only. The only cons that balance the flamethrower are slow running speed, limited range, and drawing attention to the user. On defense the user can position themselves in such a way that all of these cons are irrelevant.

RO2/RS1 had a fixed role squad system, I am not sure why they did not continue with that in RS2, but it is hard coded into the game so unfortunately it cannot even be modded in. Historical unit organization may have some issues with roles like marksman and machine gunner.

I disagree with giving squad leaders special roles, this would only encourage players with no interest in playing as SL to choose SL in order to get special guns. We do not need more SLs not placing tunnels, staying alive, or dropping arty marks.

The marksman kicking is certainly annoying.