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RO2 [RIFLECUP 2015] The register is OPEN !

Hello players of Red Orchestra 2.

The GFA clan with support of RedOrchestra2.fr are very excited to present the first cup of the Year 2015 : The RIFLE CUP


The principe is very simple. 4 players and 2 reserve are playing a tournament where only rifles are allowed. The match is played on two maps.

All maps will be played on both sides (allies and axis).

One map is played within 11 rounds max. (6 min.)

One round is won capturing the opposite flag.

You have to register for the competition in this post :http://gfa.xooit.org/t2049-RIFLE-CUP-2015-Subscription-for-international-teams.htmhttp://gfa.xooit.org/t2049-RIFLE-CUP-2015-Subscription-for-international-teams.htm

All details and rules are here : http://gfa.xooit.org/f110-Events-2015-Evenements-2015.htmhttp://gfa.xooit.org/f110-Events-2015-Evenements-2015.htm


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