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Request for function documentation (plus some of my experiences and speculation)

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Oct 3, 2015
A couple of weeks ago, Tripwire held an AMAA on the /r/killingfloor subreddit. One of the questions I asked had to do with documenting certain native functions. The response stated that we could put in requests, but no promises. As such, here are some of my specific requests, along with my experiences and/or speculation:
  • Canvas.EnableStencilTest() (Engine package). This function is used surrounding the drawing of various Canvas HUD elements (teammate info, zed icons, etc.). From my usage of the function, I discovered that it draws certain Canvas elements behind the weapon model. It works on basic textures, but lines from Canvas.Draw2DLine() still render over the weapon model.
  • KFInventoryManager.AddWeaponToGroup() (KFGame package). This function is called from AddInventory() and ClientWeaponSet(). Comparing KFInventoryManager.AddInventory() to the super class implementation and doing some in-game tests using the "DisplayAll Inventory Inventory" console command, I think that this function adds the weapon to the inventory chain but inserts it in the chain according to the weapon's group and priority (InventoryGroup and GroupPriority in KFWeapon, respectively). That said, I don't know what the function does on remote clients in ClientWeaponSet(), as the inventory chain should be replicated anyways, making the call unnecessary unless something else is going on.
Feel free to throw in your requests.
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