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Oct 26, 2010
Right im having a lot of problems trying to learn replication. I think i've actually bugged Marco a bit when it comes to this (which I do apologise mate honestly).

I have had a look at two sites so far but I am still absolutely confused on parts of it:
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• <a href="" target="_blank">

Basically to complete my project I am working on, I can't get it to work online. I have had both Gartley and Braindead for proof on my mutator working in solo (plus the video too). Marco has gladly given my some advice by saying
you need to write some kind of network replication to add own characters to the menu
but until I figure out fully the replication part...there is no hope of me finishing this mutator. I can easily get some variables made and have the replication table done BUT I can't seem to figure out the next step.

Any chance on some help cause I want the characters to be shown without the upl needed on the actual clients. UPL is only needed if you want to choose the character. Pretty much how UT2004 had it.
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