Removal of chest harness and backpack for sapper uniform and scarf for nlf

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 25, 2016
Whoa that's friggin badass man! The problem is like, the game doesn't really feature that scale of fighting, where the sappers would get to do that. The games just go by way too fast, without any time passing like night and day or days, and would usually last for like HOURS.

The game tends to not allow this sort of stealth thing, because players don't participate in this. They are already mostly equal in reinforcements and everything to the US forces, instead of being superior or inferior and or limited in numbers particularly, so there's no tactical advantage to committing to these ambush tactics.

Whereas this was done when there was a numbers disadvantage against a US unit, the regular NVA and the similarly well armed Vietcong depicted in the game are just way too good to even use guerrilla warfare all that much. There is a sense of asymmetry, but Rising Storm 2 DOES NOT depict the true sort of guerrilla tactics used in the war. It still plays more like one of those Red Orchestra 2 games where there is a very clear frontline.

The closest thing to guerrilla fighting in the game is definitely the Supremacy game mode. If you want this super fancy like guerrilla tactics thing, I believe you'd have to force the players in some way like giving the US better reinforcements and constant spawn points where the guerrillas would have to like make their own spawn points, and would have less roles, ammo and all the other equipment.
You see in the video, those guys are naked. They don't even have a spare magazine to use, they're not going to get in a serious firefight like in the game with just one guy. They are trying to ambush maybe 30 people in a group, or a squad, and kill them all. Or take an installation.