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May 12, 2009
Ok guys, as there are alot of new maps coming out now, I would like to do my small part and at least off the mappers a place to put their work. If you dont have a place to host your file, then I hope you will consider using my site. I have set it up so you can upload your files and they will be auto approved. Immediately after, youll see the download link. Just copy the link, like you would any other and post away.

My webhost provider allows me 5TB a month transfer, and is back boned with a 13gbs connection. Its fast, I have plenty of bandwidth, and Im not going anywhere. I just think this is a great alternative to things like filefront, rapidshare, megaupload etc.

Here are the requirements. Youll will need to create an account to upload, you dont need one to download. File sizes should be 18 megs or smaller, and I think that is plenty for map releases. Preferred filetypes are either RAR or ZIP, please be sure to compress the files. You will have a place to put in your own web address if you like, as well as a screen shot.

Im offering this to help out people, so please do not abuse it with pirated crap. If you need or want an additional category added to the downlaods section, feel free to PM me, and I will certainly take it into consideration. Always looking to improve things.

The web address is

Youll see the UPLOAD link at the top of the page. If you upload something that is buggy, and want it removed, again PM me and I will remove it.

Thank you much guys for all your hard work. :)