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Nov 23, 2005
Plus, this mutator was done waay way ago by our Japanese friends; the "Real War" mutator. So, it's nothing new.

Sadly no one noticed it.


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Nov 22, 2005
Falmouth UK
What a load of bullcrap in here, as said before "3d" sounds where there in some past mutators and in the old versions of ro.

And there are quite some popular threads in the forums about people wanting it, so the idea ain't new and especially not restricted to DH. I dont't know how DH works but edited code files are problably not enterable so people can read the source code giving Evilhobo the ability to copy and past work.

For a modder the accusation of ripping is the highest insult of all insults. You guys from DH should have known this, and atleast tried to contact evil instead of putting him to shame of the worst degree, i'd have thought more of you lot.

For Mike Nomad your credibility just dropped to zero. Mistakes are things everybody can make, but if you make insults to someone on false reasons, you should be man enough to atleast aknowledge your wrongdoing and apologising for it.


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Sep 23, 2006
get the popcorn!

seriously, mike you shouldn't have spoken like that. you who seem so cought up in the community and it's values, accusing someone who actually does things to improve the game of being a thief. based on hear-say, come on...

now i can understand the reaction of the DH guys, if one of the people who have acces to your beta game releases a feature that happens to be included in your beta. you obviously ask yourself the question if by any chance their code was nor used as an example. even if im convinced that hobo did this on his own, it is only normal to ask yourself what if?? i think you would feel the same hobo
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Feb 17, 2006
I agree RO mod did have this feature included, but for whatever reason it was nor included in the retail version, So yes I agree it is not a new feature, But a feature that has been asked for numerous times on these boards.

No one had yet accomplished getting this in for RO so when we added it to our mod it would be classed as a feature not all ready included in Ostfront.

To evil Hobbo you quoted a thread where you considered adding this mutator into ostfront, but that post is dated December 2005, nothing had been released. tha last post in that thread before you updated it on the 18th march. was on the 25 of may 2007.

since then nothing has been mentioned to anyone about you were continuing or that you had succeded in creating a mutator.

ok it may not be a very proud thing for DH to release, but as no one had yet done it for ostfront, it was something new for the community.

anyway I said I was sorry for nay confusion that has happened over this, but you seem to be trying to argue the fact that you never said anything to us about this. which if you were to be truthfull you never have.


Grizzled Veteran
Dec 22, 2005
Germany, NRW
Actually Alan I would rather request that this thread be locked as a fixed, working release of the mutator should be out any time now.
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