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Release: Realism Match

Captain Wilson

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 2, 2008
Members of the Red Orchestra Community,

I am pleased to announce the official release of the anticipated "Realism Match" add-on for Red Orchestra / Darkest Hour. This add-on makes it not only possible but damned easy to host Realism Scrimmages on your server.

Download: Realism Match v1.0

What is a 'Realism Scrimmage'?
Players do not respawn when they die like in traditional RO gameplay. Instead, they must work as a team, with a plan, to keep each other alive. When all members of a team have been KIA, the round ends and everyone respawns for the next round.

Isn't that like Counter-Strike?
Not in practise. Realism scrimmages are conducted by 'Realism units,' who use military tactics and discipline to work cohesively as a team instead of just running out on their own like in Counter-Strike. This gameplay is not meant for public play, but scrimmages (though it can certainly be used publicly).

What does this Add-On do?
It gives the admin control over the amount of reinforcement waves and automates setting changes common to 'realism scrimmages'. Traditionally, a 'realism match' forced players to 'join spectators' after they died so they didn't respawn. This add-on can disable respawning, or give the admin control over how many reinforcement waves each team has, allowing for various realism scenarios. It also includes a 'ready/not ready' feature where the match is not 'live' until both teams have signalled their 'ready' status.

In addition, this add-on can automatically change the round limit, win limit and max team difference during the match (to allow for many rounds), and change them back to default after the match. If necessary, it can also change the round duration for the map to allow for longer briefings and so that time is not an issue in a scrimmage. Lastly, to prevent friendly fire during briefings, this mutator offers the option of disabling FF until 'live' is announced, when it returns FF to your normal setting.
Here's how to use it:
Add all 3 files (.uc, .ucl, .int) to your server's \redorchestra\System\ directory and restart your server
Either enable the mutator via WebAdmin or have it automatically enabled via the server command line.
To do this via command line, add ?Mutator=MutRealismMatch.MutRealismMatch to the long string of ? variables in it.

Enabling 'Realism Match' mode will reset the round and put the game in a state where team leaders can brief their players.
To enable 'Realism Match' mode, login as admin and type in console: mutate enablematch
To disable: mutate disablematch
To reset the round (not the whole map), login as admin and type in console: admin resetgame

After a team leader is done briefing, he will type the 'ready' command to tell the game his team is ready. When both teams have done this, the game will announce 'LIVE',
which will disable respawning and enable friendly fire.
To signal that your team is ready, any player can type in chat: /ready
To signal that your team is NOT ready, any player can type in chat: /notready
Alternatively, an admin can force the game live without 'readies' by typing in console: mutate matchlive

If a player wishes to change team/role, suicide will prevent him from respawning (one life per round). As a work around, any player can type a command in console to
to instantly respawn after changing team/role: mutate respawn
'Realism Match' mode must be enabled for this command to work, but the player does not have to be an admin.

Realism Scrimmages are generally conducted as follows:
1. Team leaders are picked and team members are sorted to their teams
2. 'Realism Match' mode is enabled by the admin
3. Players line up on the wall at spawn and are briefed on the plan by their team leader
4. After the briefing is conducted, the team leader types '/ready'. When both have typed this, the game announces 'LIVE' and the match begins.
5. Players work together to eliminate the opposing force. Capture Areas/Objectives are usually overlooked except in scenario scrimmages.

This mutator, by default, makes the following changes to gameplay when enabled:
- Allies & Axis Reinforcements set to 1 (0 would mean no initial spawning)
- Win Limit & Round Limit set to 999 (so the map won't change after # rounds)
- Max Team Difference set to 50 (so all players can be on the same team while choosing team members, etc.)
- Disable FF During Briefing is enabled (to avoid friendly fire before match is 'live' during briefings)

When 'Realism Match' mode is disabled, these settings are changed back to their default values.
To change the values to which these settings are changed during 'Realism Match' mode, use the Web Admin.

Changing the round duration works slightly differently as it can only be done at the beginning of the map, thus a map reset is required every time it is changed.
To do this, change the setting in the WebAdmin to anything above 0 (such as 999 for 'no limit') and reset the map. Note that this change will apply even when
'Realism Match' mode is disabled (until you change it and reset the map again).
If you would like to see an organised Realism Scrimmage in action, stop by the 29th ID DH server Fridays for 9pm EST (

Let me know if there are any questions, feature requests or bug reports.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 22, 2007
Wow nice work

I know im flying my own kite a bit here, but my RO-Gefangene Map currently Beta2 would be ideal for this, although a huge map, it is designed as a stay alive map. Guards and Prisoners, guards die prisoners get weapons, prisoners escape.

So im wondering if in coding of the mutator is it possible to have a game win situation being like 20 people escape (go thru a tele portal.) This seems to me (mutator noob) very close to what you have done by ending a round after last man standing, instead of waiting for the clock to run down or objective capping.

Im being a bit OT here, but one of my dreams for gefangene is to have it end when X prisoners escape, rather than timer or capping and curious as to how if if this is possible
Cheers Sined


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 12, 2007
Alte Ziegelei
Hi, I'm searching for a possibility to run a map for say 180 minutes or even longer. Is this realism thing the one I need to make it? I don't want to change other things than only making the map last longer.

Captain Wilson

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 2, 2008
This does have that feature, but it also has other features that you cannot really bypass - namely the ability to set the amount of reinforcement waves, a feature which would seem to tie-in with the length of the map.

If you really can't use it with that feature, you'd have to edit the mutator and cut out the rest - feel free.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 13, 2010
some things i would really like to see is that bodies/weapons and most things that goes away after about 1 minute or so normally stays the whole round in realism matches, could really change the outcome of the match!