Red Orchestra patch released

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Oct 10, 2005
TWI did up date it, for 2 years, and spent more money on updates than it did on the original run up in production.

And now they need to make a new game, to make new sales, and make money so they can continue to exist as a company. Unless of course you have a few million dollars you want to give to TWI. Let me know if you do and I'll give you some contact numbers :p


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Feb 17, 2006
Actually he should be sorry. He went off the deep end and assumed we changed something that broke his mod when in reality RO itself was broken, and his mod team needed to implement the same fix that we did. So yeah a mod member blasting the devs without thinking after they give you lots of lots of behind the scenes support is always a bad idea.

OK Thanks Ramm I really needed you to post that.
So I did maybe say something I shouldn't have, But after working hard to get our Patch out to fix the Crash bug!. Less than 3 days went by and we have another major issue that stops people playing.

Ok yes agreed it was an emergency patch you guys put out to fix RO which was of course the right thing to do, I was just disapointed to find out about it from one of our Players and not via a PM or something from TWI.

We spoke on MSN about the issue, resolved it and I then posted saying I was a bit sharp and was sorry, So I find it not helpfull in you then Posting your reply.

Also as asked in the MSN conversation Could you get someone to look into The Ban on our Mod Lead here, As you never replied to me on the subject.

No Flaming or Baiting Intended here, just felt I should post a reply..
thanks ExoCet


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Nov 22, 2005
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For bans you should contact sneidzekk or the moderator that issued the ban.

Dunno why he was banned major spamming i guess? :p
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Nestor Makhno

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Feb 25, 2006
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New Game? what new game?

What I dont get is you got a game here that can be upgraded many times over, theres so many things that you guys can do but arnt doing, some of the mods that have come out have proven this.

I mean you guys could have working mortors, new tanks, any idea you can think of that could be related historically to ostfront you can put in. Also its not like you guys dont have the models already for mortors, 88s, and the russian rocket trucks ( i forget the name sorry) but I think your efforts for a new game is not exactly a smart move,( i could be wong) people are dropping out of RO cuz its gettin stale, and bringing in a new game maybe similar but better could be the same thing in a couple of years, but I am not to say what u guys have cooking or what ur doin.

my plight is, WTF is wrong with what u got already?
Update it.

I do much appreciate what u guys have done in the past.


LOL - what colour is the sky on the planet where you live? Just do some maths here - how much does it cost to employ the studio full of people that it would take to tick the boxes on your shopping list? How many copies of RO would you need to sell to make that much money, at the present rate? Do you think that many people are interested in buying a UE2.5 game?

Sorry if that all sounds rather dismissive - I guess you do love the game but, get real, rly - attacking the Dev team for not fulfilling your dream scenario cos they have a company to run and families to feed is not too smart.
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Apr 15, 2007
Sorry for the late reply, but Attacking the dev team?
what color is the sky of the planet i live on? who the **** are you supposed to be?
I was n't attacking anyone in my previous post, you dont have to be arrogant and sound like a guy who needs his teeth kicked in and Im just another peeon ****ing player, and the goddam players that DO play RO aren't important, I wasn't asking for a 10 person stage of people to go and upgrade the game I was merely poiinting out something that i felt probalby could be done in RO "since" most of the models i was referring to are already there.

Another game, well that wonderful, I didn't know that tripwire was working on another game, how the **** am i supposed to know that, I could come to the forums here and see whats going on but working all the time prevents me from doing that sometimes, so instead of being an arrogent ****ing genius snob you could point out to me what they are doing, if you do know.

Theres still alot of reg RO players that enjoy the game, and Im sorry if the devs are more interested in making money with another game, then keeping Ro going, im not making demands here, Im merely pointing out some things that I think could be fairly implemnented in the game.

Do you understand what a plutocrocy is? its the rule of money, and when game developers decide make more games for money instead of really being excited about the game they do got like game makers used to be they put their all in it and ask the palyer what can we do to make this game better for u and all of us that play it?
Theres nothing wrong with creating another game but when you have a game that is upgradeable then why let it sit, why not upgrade it?


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Mar 4, 2006
If every dev just sat around upgrading their existing games, nothing new would ever be created. Ever. Everyone would still be playing Wolfenstein 3D, Pong, and the original Pac-Man. There'd be no Doom, no Half-Life, no Quake, no Metal Gear.

You need to just give it a rest. Nobody anywhere has said that TWI is abandoning anything, anyone, or any game.
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Sep 6, 2006
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Im sorry if the devs are more interested in making money with another game, then keeping Ro going,

Nestor's right. What color is the sky in your little world? If it's green, I'd like to live there, I think.

how the **** am i supposed to know that, I could come to the forums here and see whats going on but working all the time prevents me from doing that sometimes,
Now obviously I'm not one of the devs (well, not for RO at least), but I'm fairly certain that their motivations for working on the new game instead of updating RO are roughly the same as your motivations for working so many hours, rather than reading the forums. They've become accustomed to sleeping indoors, with electricity, and air conditioners, and cable television. You need money to acquire and maintain these things. Updating RO does not provide this money, or rather, it might ... but not enough. It's the law of diminishing returns.