Real Weapon Names

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May 23, 2012
WARNING: After new weapons get added, you will have to redownload it and replace the existing one. I usually update mod on same day as update comes out which adds new weapons.

After very good response on workshop, I've decided to upload it here as well.

Do you hate that some weapons have fake names because of ????ing licences and ????? If you do, this is mod for you. Here are few more examples (for all changes check screenshots):
M4 Combat Shotgun = Benelli M4 Super 90
9mm = Beretta 92 Hybrid
SG 500 = Mossberg 500

How to install
1. Download latest version of from my 1drv. Note that every update that adds more lines into this file (like when new weapons or bosses are released) will require me to update it. I usually update it on the day of release of new stuff, so just come back here and redownload it:!40847&authkey=!ALC2JnV6VFtVa_o&ithint=file%2cint
2. Put the file in this location:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\Documents\My Games\KillingFloor2\KFGame\Localization\INT
Some of these folders won't exist yet. Make them and make sure to spell them correctly.

How to uninstall
To uninstall it, simply remove from that folder and game will use original file from KF2 directory again.

This is NOT mutator
That means you can use it in EVERY server, and that you can level your perks, and gain achievements while you're using it.

It's made for English version of the game
This modification is designed for English translation of the game. I have no plans to make other version for now because it would take too much time to do it for all languages the game is translated too.

Don't be arogant, I can't make everyone happy
Some names are questionable, because few weapons look similar to two or more real life weapons. I picked the one I thought it looks closest too. I cannot please everyone however you can always, at any time edit weapon name to your liking with text editor.

History of the modification
It all started with first game. I was so annoyed by crappy names Tripwire gave to weapons, specially Kriss Vector, that I have decided to modify them. Then I figured I may as well upload it workshop, and many people enjoy using it to this day. It got so many people using it, that some people even copied the idea (I'm sure same will happen with KF2 version sooner or later), changed few lines, and reuploaded it under their name.
This mod was not made in December after tool was first time launched. It was made very early, because I found all that vammit rifle and other crap Tripwire wrote annoying. I just haven't publicly uploaded it until workshop came out.

Like this? Here's version for the first game
I made something similar for Killing Floor. You can find it here:​

Thanks for checking it out, hope you like it.
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