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[Question] How is music handled in maps?


Grizzled Veteran
May 4, 2006
UnrealEd: Viewport #1
Hey all, been getting into using the SDK for KF2. Map is coming along nicely, most of it self explanatory coming from Unreal Engine 2. However there are also plenty of new/changed features to learn.

1.I was wondering how music is handled in maps? In KF1 there was a music actor that handled music for waves. Is it possible to change the music for each wave? If it is possible to change the music, can the boss wave music be changed as well(Needed scripted event to do this in KF1)?

2. How does Unrealengine 3 handle custom music. KF1 used .ogg files but those could not be sent over a redirect without mods. Assuming custom music can be added to a map, could it also be sent over a redirect?


May 9, 2014
As far as I can tell, the music is specified in the World Info under "my map info" by creating a new object, but there doesnt seem to be any way of modifying it directly from the editor (or the world properties at least). It uses KFMapInfo so maybe you can create your own MapInfo somehow and link it to the map?