PS5 - Terrornova Progression Bug

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Oct 17, 2021
Am playing on the PS5 and am still encountering the Terrornova progression bug. During the battle when first encountering Terrornova, the game had crashed but i received the achievement for defeating her. Upon reloading i was able to defeat her again but still did not count toward quest progression. Now i am Infamy Rank 6, but am still have the quest 'Terrornova - Reach Bounty Rank 5'.

Cannot get Terrornova or any boats / helicopters to spawn and when killing any sailors etc. my threat level is at 6. When going to the quest marker on the map for 'Terrornova - Reach Bounty Rank 5', nothing happens.

Have tried reloading and fast travelling to different locations to see if it triggers anything, to no avail.

Is there any fix for this?