PS5 frame drops

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 20, 2020
Hi wanted to post because I'm not seeing any threads about the PS5 version.

Spent a couple of hours on the game so far and really having fun, however there are consistent moments of major frame drops that seem to become more frequent the longer you play, these happen most often when suddenly turning, going at high speed in a strait line and pretty much 100% of the time after am hour or two playing when you jump out of the water the first time in an area.

I haven't played the PS4 version but is it supposed to do this?
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May 23, 2020
Yea this has been happening to my PS5 version too. It's not suppose to be doing this.
I tried the PS4 version and it doesn't do it, it just has the loadscreen between areas that the problem.
Hope they fix this problem soon, i've walked away from playing it until its fixed.