PS5 DLC Trophies bugged

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Sep 14, 2021
Hey developers,

i read many forums and saw the issues on PS5 DLC, but decided to take the plunge. I managed to get the following trophies:

i see site P
electric burn
shadow killer
bone breaker
fan fare
atomic bomb
40 and flirty
four star rank (though it popped on my death before I killed her)

Once the four star rank popped, I started to have issues. Basically, when that popped I should have gotten the Island Queen trophy as that fight was what I needed for 100% but I kept playing (luckily I have a save just before going to fight her, so I’m on 98%)

I then carried on with the story, thinking 100% was actually story based. Anyway, I killed the end boss and didn’t get Apex Eater. Haven’t tried completing anymore as I retried the Island Queen trophy but it didn’t pop again.

when is a fix coming guys!?

many thanks.