Projectile penetration values

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 20, 2007
I'll admit that I'm completely new to scripting for the UT engine but I'm not completely stupid either. Here's the pitch;

I'm a member of the realism unit and we've been playing about with the penetration mods. Unfortunately, none of them allow you to specify a penetration amount per weapon. Basically, we had it at a point where the K98 could blast through a foot-thick wall and the SMGs couldn't even get through a door.

Would it be possible to code a simple (relatively!) mutator to allow the modification of penetration ratios for the different weapons at all? Could it be done with a single recreatable script (e.g. weapon1 penetrate = 10, and we can replicate that for weapon2 without changing lots of stuff - the idea is this mod needs to stay quite small too!)?

I'm pretty sure I can manage to compile and edit the script I'm just having a hard time getting off the ground and since I only know some Visual Basic (nooberiffic I know) it's a little hard for me to get this moving.

Thanks in advance for any replies - I'd love a chance to be able to set up the penetration values for each weapon properly so that we can make our game a little more interesting.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 18, 2006
Gdansk, Poland
It's off topic reply, but are you sure a Kar98 couldn't pierce a foot thick wall ? :)

It was comparable (or stronger?) than today's "full strength" 7.62mm rifle bullets, like fired from M60 machinegun or M14 rifle. I think it would go trough a 1 foot brick wall leaving hole size of your fist... With an MG-34 or 42 you could easily cut a tree if you had ammo to spare, or demolish brick walls (and kill everybody on the other side, if it was only 1 of two bricks thick). 7.62mm+ MG is a terrible weapon. Stone wall or reinforced concrete is another story though...
On the other hand pistol ammo should go trough any doors, like you said.

As for your mod, just took a look at the InfPenetration mod, and it's not small at all - all the weapons had to be replaced to do what they did. Now adding specific penetration values for those weapons (so improving the InfPenetration mod to do what you want) would be relatively easy, I think (can be wrong). But making this again with simpler mutator ? Don't see how you could do this...
Now, again, recognising what kind of material have you hit and what is the penetration of your weapon of this material (wood would be completly different story than stone) is another matter and again complicates things somewhat. Now if the penetration had to depend on range.... :|

Hope this helps a bit, although someone with better knowledge could give you definite answers, maybe InfPenetration author...

Why do you want the mod to be simple ? What does it mean "relatively simple" for you ? Is InfPenetration mod simple ? Couldn't it be just improved ?