Pool / Snooker

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Falmouth UK
I don't know if there are levels already making use of the Pool/Snooker concept. But it would be a lot of fun for a puzzle to play a game of Pool or Snooker with the big ball :D


The Ball Team
Jul 13, 2010
We might do something like pool or bowling in a DLC at some point. It would be fun to make a giant pool table :)

Multiplayer is out of the question though, that would require a total rewrite of large parts of the game.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 18, 2010
multiplayer is out of the question though, that would require a total rewrite of large parts of the game.

noes!!! D:

I was gonna suggest a feature that lets us see other people's ball skins, and we'd get to play with their balls. :(
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 22, 2010
Bowling mode sounds fun! and won't be much hassle for the dev team.

With the monsters as the bowling pins, there'll be lots of gores and blood splats when the ball strikes em. Gibs flying everywhere when you got a strike... sounds real fun! Bowling with violence! And the arena would still be the ancient civilizations themed. Sounds awesome. I'm supporting the idea absolutely.

Survival mode is kinda hard to play with current control mechanics. But bowling?

Pool/snooker in my thought it won't work, since the ball would interfere with the sights/aim.