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Please Help Tripwire IDK Where Else to Turn

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Jun 17, 2018
Hello, I registered this account just to voice my concerns with the RO2 community. I don't know how else to do this at this point, does anyone know maybe a direct contact with the Tripwire team who could assist in this? I had made a few posts on the reddit subreddit concerning a particular server (Bloodbath) and both times it was removed. I'm guessing the reddit moderators are all run by Bloodbath moderators?? I went to their discord to do the same thing and noticed the people I had concerns with who were engaging in bigotry were "regulars" there which is why I am guessing they get away with it. I also happened to notice one of their participating members was also the moderator for the Steam discussion board. I had considered posting my concerns there as well but I knew it would probably also be removed, and if they had my Steam username they probably would have banned me from their server. This is especially concerning considering that they are one of the few if not the only North American server left up in RO2. I know there is one more at least but it also seems to have no rules and is filled with bigotry and hatred.

Is there anything that can be done about this? How did the community even come to this? It seems like the entire game is run by Bloodbath. They have the reddit page. They have the discussion forum. They even have basically the only NA server left for this game. Are they really close with Tripwire interactive too? If so this corruption is incredibly sad, I want to enjoy this game but I might just have to request a refund. Is there anything that can be done about this? Do we just have to accept that Bloodbath and their hateful team basically runs all of RO2? I really hope something is done about this but I really wouldn't be surprised if this is just swept under the rug too. This is pretty much my last resort though, if Tripwire will allow this kind of monopolistic corruption than I'm not sure what else to do since there is no where else I can plead to.

Here are the posts in question. https://imgur.com/a/WWtg8kj

Thank you if you can help though, I really think something needs to be done.


Tripwire Interactive Community Team
Staff member
Mar 11, 2016
Killing Floor Discord :)
We do not run the Red Orchestra subreddit. That is community run and owned. We do have volunteer community moderators that help out on Steam forums. They've proven reliable and dedicated to helping the RO community. The game is no longer receiving support from staff. Though I do pop into Steam forums occasionally when needed for moderation. Please note that on our official forums, Steam forums, RS2 subreddit, we do not allow posts complaining about bans, or other issues specific to a community server. We also do not allow player naming and shaming. These are issues between players and the server admins/ owners that need to be taken up with them. There is no need to get the rest of the community in the middle.

Any issues with the Bloodbath servers need to be taken up with their server admins or owner.
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