Please: buff the syringe

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Jul 1, 2020
20 hp regen every 15 seconds is extremely low and the other perks can use a breather..
It would be more reasonable to have 35 hp every 15 seconds. It's really silly how much the medic is needed.


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Sep 18, 2012
I mean... It has been a thing since KF1, and one of their best ideas that they, thankfully, haven't curbed all that much.

It pretty much only has upsides :

-It reinforces the team-based gameplay. You only consume half your gauge as you heal a teammate, compared to the 100% when you heal yourself.
-It reinforces the role of the medic perk, without leaving the other perks totally defenseless. Any good class-based shooter should do so.
-KF2 introduced the concept of crossperk weapons, and a lot of the medic weapons are in-fact crossperked. You can totally become a medic-lite when you play as a Commando or Support for example.
-Finally, the medic pistol is both cheap and lightweight. It has been a common practice for teams to give one to each and every member... Precisely to allow for more healing AND a way to heal at a distance.

Let's also remember that the Survivalist has access to healing grenades. If nobody in your team wants to play medic, that's a nice way to make amends.

Sure I'm the first to complain about medic's ubiquity, but it's no reason to make every perk TOO effective either.
Apr 6, 2020
Recent TWI decisions show that they don't want to emphasize the team play aspect of the game and instead push for perk universalism and independence. These are the reasons medic (whose job is to heal) now has a railgun, SWAT (whose job is trash) has a nailgun, mando (whose job is trash) has FAL and so on. Hemoclobber which makes the medic less necessary. New half-melee weapons with good block percentage that make the zerkwalling less necessary.

Buffing the syringe will perfectly align with these game balance changes and provide more autonomy for all perks.
Sep 23, 2020
I don't think buffing the syringe is necessary as everyone has just stated that almost every perk has at least 1 cross perk weapon that can heal. Also, there is a few (but not too many) cross perk weapons/skills can self heal pretty well like healing grenade rifle, hemoclobber, survivalist healing grenades. survivalist 50% faster syringe charge skill, etc..

Not to mention, there's always at least one or two teammates that has a weapon that can heal you even when there is no medic (unless you're playing with a bunch of derp players on pub).

But if you're playing on solo then it's not that big of a deal to have someone heal you when you can get a total of 50 HP from a syringe.

However, seems how I don't think the syringe needs a buff I do believe that there is other perks that could get a cross perk weapon that can SELF heal because there is some players in pubs that are too stupid to get the medic or at least a cross perk healing gun for the team, and even then some people are so bad with the medic they die all the time but if you pick medic cause the other medic sucks, then you lose a role that's also needed in the team. I've seen some derp players pick 3-4 of the same kind of perk.
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Oct 10, 2005
Currently there is no intent to buff the syringe from a design perspective, it has been and continues to be working as intended.
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May 3, 2021
Personally I do find that the current syringe healing power is slightly weak... but having a Field Medic in my team healing the team makes it a small issue.

Slighty off-topic but I would prefer if they focued more on improving team-play, adding more team-oriented mechanics. Certain Perks participating and contributing by buffing teammates and debuffing enemies. New and/or improved skills that provides more healing and damage reduction. Making the need to depend on the syringe less of an issue.

An Example:
Crispy Skin (Firebug)
Enemies actively on fire will deal 25% less damage and take 25% increased damage from all sources.

Provides a 25% damage dealt debuff, and provides 25% damage buff to you and your teammates, effect only works on enemies on fire.


Apr 27, 2021
Currently there is no intent to buff the syringe from a design perspective, it has been and continues to be working as intended.
This is a relief to hear. Literally every word of it. And I'll be happy to defend it in my usual wordy fashion.

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Apr 15, 2021
I would prefer if they focued more on improving team-play, adding more team-oriented mechanics. Certain Perks participating and contributing by buffing teammates and debuffing enemies.
You're not alone. Consider voting for new weeklies that encourage cooperative teamplay. Also consider supporting the Rioter Tool as a new weapon.

Because weeklies are optional ways to play, the former will help you find like-minded teammates who also want and enjoy cooperation. The latter buffs teammates (and possibly zeds, too) with the idea that healing is less necessary if you have a more potent offense. Some variations of the idea allow the player to use the tool on themselves (and/or everything near the player).

You came up with some very innovative ideas in another post. I think that most of the perk skill changes are too late at this point, but I am especially fond of the idea of providing a minor HP boost for prestige levels as an idea for KF3.

I think the single biggest thing we can do to improve team play is encourage making friends. So I'm also a fan of the idea of using prestige levels as a way of helping team members find like-minded teammates. Right now, TWI's idea of "let's match people up randomly" gives strangers very little reason to cooperate when they can compete for stats and dosh. Why be helpful when they can just take? People are more likely to cooperate if they care about their teammates.

With intelligent match-ups, players who play this game like it is their job are more likely to be paired with others who take the game seriously. Likewise, those who are less serious are more likely to be paired with other filthy casuals. Prestige levels are not the only way TWI can make an effort at creating intelligent matching, but it would be one of the easiest.

I don't see the lack of team play as an issue with the game. It is primarily an issue with the players. I see this a lot with players who complain about the lack of medics. The medic is a wonderful support player who can be the glue that keeps the team alive—a great team-oriented game mechanic. Thus, a lot of people seem to think that the medic is necessary... as long as they can treat the medic like their personal attendant!

I'd like to see people
  1. become the medic rather than complain about the lack of medic, and
  2. understand that the inclusion of the medic doesn't remove the need for team play, and
  3. understand that the medic doesn't owe anybody anything (ie, don't get yourself into trouble and expect to be bailed out), and
  4. understand that a lack of medic also means the inclusion of one more offensive player, and
  5. all players are human and will fall short of expectations
The medic is one helluva team-oriented mechanic that, IMHO, makes the game worse, because it gives players an excuse for not being better teammates. No perk should be considered necessary. If you're down by one defensive perk, then you're also up by one offensive perk. If everyone is doing their job well, a team of offensive-minded individuals should be able to work together to keep zeds at a distance and reduce the perceived need for a dedicated healer.

I'd like to see perks disappear altogether. I talk about it in the New Perk Ideas for KF3 post.

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Apr 15, 2021
weapon that can SELF heal

Consider joining in the conversation on the ideas for KF3 post, where they talk about an expanded upgrade system. Such a system would allow the syringe to be upgraded in a way that it'll auto-inject if your health is reduced to XX% (or whenever the syringe is full, etc.).

Likewise, such a system might allow you to upgrade your weapon to include a syringe dart gun option under the barrel. Any gun can now be medic gun.

My idea for the Egghead Perk includes a flyable drone, which would allow a player to tag zeds for the team to have a better understanding of the battlefield, as well as snipe trash with a 22LR pistol. But there is nothing saying that the drone couldn't be upgraded to shoot healing darts. Likewise, there's nothing saying that other perks can't have a drone that follow them around to administer health or other buffs to themselves or nearby teammates automatically.