Please add Thai forces 🙏🏻

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Rice Savior

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 7, 2018
During the Viet Nam War, the Kingdom of Thai sent more than 40,000 military personnels to assist the Free World Forces, making them the third largest foreign army in the Republic of Viet Nam behind the United States of America and the Republic of Korea. Throughout the entire conflict, there were absolutely no records of anti-war protests in Thai, as the King who was extremely popular at that time supported the conflict, seeing the potential threat of communism. With morale and support from the people, Thai soldiers were very successful in the battlefield, (no bias, from American accounts) Thai soldiers, especially those born in the rurals had ease in spotting traps and anti-guerilla warfare. These Thai soldiers were experienced with the terrains and conditions of the setting, unlike the Americans. By the end of the conflict, 351 Thais were killed. Thailand declared that they "won" the Viet Nam War as communism failed to spread into Thai soil (Communist Insurgency in Thailand). Throughout the World, the Viet Nam War is viewed as a dark period in history, except the Thais who viewed it positively and feel proud of their engagement in the conflict.

The involvement of the Thai forces in Viet Nam shouldn't be forgotten, as many had sacrificed their lives to what they believe is a just cause. They have proven themselves worthy enough to be added and participate in the game. I believe many Thai players, many of them most likely have ancestors who fought in the war(conscription), would really appreciate your care for them to be added into the game.

Please add Thai forces into the game Rising Storm 02 Viet Nam...
Thank you very much for your consideration
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