Please add more dynamic weapons and cosmetic skins

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Would you like to see more dynamic skins?

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Jun 16, 2022
Hello Devs,

I would love to see a more modern approach to weapon and cosmetic skins. A lot of the weapon and cosmetic skins are just the ole 2000s paint job skin aka static skins. That is nothing too special these days. The RGB and FAL jaeger skins are neat, but very barebones what I would consider a modern skin.

Weapon examples:
CoD Mobile:
CoD Cold War:
Gears 5:

Character examples:
CoD Cold War:

For whatever reason it is actually really hard to find good videos online of character outfit dynamic skins but they are out there. The best one I found, was the one I listed. I believe that should give a nice idea of what I am talking about.


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Sep 18, 2012
The problem with dynamic skins is that more often than not, they bring down the FPS quite tremendously. A peak example of that would be TF2 : there are so many different skins and particle effects that the game struggles to run as it should. So should Tripwire add this kind of skins, they should really optimize their game.

I'm also not very fond of increasing the "marketing" aspect of the game, considering some people spend more time speculating and selling **** rather than playing... I guess such skins could take the role of "unusuals" and "killstreak weapons" from TF2. And I'm not very hyped by that.

But then again, it would make "legendaries" even more worth digging for. Plus it looks obviously great ! This being said, KF2 is so late in its lifecycle that I can't really see Tripwire adding a whole new type of skins anyway...