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PlayStation VR Update 1.03

We have just set live another PlayStation VR update, bringing the build version to 1.03. This update addresses the following:

• Adjusted the height of seated mode so that it matches the height of a standing user.
• Fixed up various collision issues with vents.
• Further improved speech recognition.
• Fixed an issue where knocked out guards could not be dragged.
• Adjusted the speed of smooth turning (this will get more granular options in a later patch).
• Adjusted the angle of in-game hands so that users don’t have to tilt their hands unnaturally to use weapons.
• Adjusted hand position in relation to the motion controller (and it’s tracking orb).

This update is designed to help address some functionality and easy of use issues that PSVR users were experiencing. The teams are continuing to work on improved polish and visual fidelity for a follow up patch. This update also follows yesterday's update, version 1.02, which fixed the missing options.



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Oct 10, 2005
We currently expect this update to hit player consoles in 30 minutes.
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Nov 30, 2019
Are you going to add anything for PS4 Pro to make this look less blurry and sharper??? Pweese


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Nov 26, 2019
Great work guys, thanks for the hard work and clear communication! Is there a way to 'buy the chiefs a beer' so to speak?

I got a refund for the game yesterday, but I think i'l repurchase it now.