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Ping issue on map change


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 15, 2011
Hey all

So for some reason when a match ends and the map changes, my ping will rise to about 300-400 unless I leave and rejoin the match (where my ping goes back down to around 50).

The bizarre thing is this only happens on tripwire games. It started at some point during RO2, and has carried over onto RS2 and KF2. I have no idea why this solely affects games made by this publisher! Is it a port forwarding issue or something?


Grizzled Veteran
Nov 27, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
That's... an unusual problem. I've not come across it before. Whatever it is, clearly it's something that was implemented originally into RO2 and has carried over into the other games by virtue of both games using the RO2 engine version as a base and then building on it from there.

Is there anything of interest in your game log that might indicate an error or failing? For a ping spike like that, I'd have assumed that it was either trying to download something enormous, or it's trying to download something small over and over, but failing and so is retrying infinitely. In either case though, I don't know what that could be.