Patch 1016 feedback

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 27, 2005
Palm Coast, FL
I like the smoke grenades, the tank reloading system (though it would be cool if it was a hybrid of the previous way and the new way). The class name changes will be optional soon as it was said in another thread, which is good but the change in this patch was lame. Alot of people in the free week will be coming from Day of Defeat and they have German class names. The new map is lame to me, really why make the map if the Russians have such an advantage? You can have a team of SMGs while the German bolters are constantly having to hip shoot and melee. Though at least you can have a good number of Stosstrueppe with StG 44s. Luckily you can choose to not play the map so the patch is very very good to me.


Feb 17, 2006
The Hole in the Wall
I think overall this is a good Quality patch..oops..Booster pack.
The addition of Smoke has provided another tactiacl option to expand the gameplay and the new map is of high quality with some excellent potential for sustained fire fights.

The Scoreboard additions make for a more informative overview and the new fonts work well as they are a lot clearer to read.

I particularly like the way you are presented with the map at the start of a game as it instantly shows people the map objectives and where everything is.
The tank loading is much more functional now and although they have changed the class names I can fully understand why.
It was amazing how many new players simply did not know what each class did simply because the names were presented in the native tongue.

I think these changes just before the free release week will encourage a great many more players to take this game up.

My only down is the serverside CPU load as the new 3369 server does not appear to have decreased the load at all.
Hopefully in the near future this too can be addressed.

So overall a big thumbs up..from me at least :D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Melbourne Australia
My FPS is about the same.

The new class names are not a bad thing, they don't destroy realism at all only your "Immersion" factor (Yeah whatever you reckon). It's come to the point for me that I seriously don't care what language the class names are written in, they are the same damn thing.

Smoke grenades are awsome! the new tank round change system is much better.

This patch is a big step in the right direction.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 25, 2006
I think it's great!!!!!!!!!!! It has now got improved VOIP reception as I do have trouble listening to what my team-mates are talking about over the mic. The new map is also quite a treat cos I just happen to love trench-style maps involving lots of close-quarter fighting. Good job TW!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 24, 2006
1. I like that I can read the chat text now.
2. I don't care what language the class names are written in.
3. Being able to switch tank ammo in between reloads is great.
4. The new map is a spray-and-pray, grenade spamming orgy. I love it.:D