Panzer sights

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 14, 2011
The german Panzers have a quite usefull tool to estimate the distance to a enemy tank.
In the center you have a row of triangles.
The distance between the tips of these triangles equals two "Strich", wich is 1 meter for every 1000m distance.
The height of the big central triangle is 4 Strich, the small ones are 2 Strich.
Therefore, if you know the size of an target you can easily estimate the distance.
This goes as follows:
You take the size of the target, divide it by its size in Strich and multiply with 1000 and you got the distance to the enemy.
Easy example, you are sitting in your Panther and see an IS-2 rolling on the horizon.
You see that its about the distance from one triangle to the next in our sights long (two Strich) and you know that the real length of an IS-2 is quite close to ten meters (9,90m).
Therefore you divide the ten meters length by two (yes, a very easy example) and multiply by thousand and find out that its about five kilometres away.
As you looking at him from the side you can dial in your sights and fire away.
It takes quite a time to get used to this, but it improves the accuracy over long distances quite good.
Of course you need the size of the russian tanks.
Most russians tanks are about 3 meters wide and roughly about 2,70 high (KW-2 falls out of this pattern tough with his 3,20m heigth)
The SUs are all between 2m and 2,50m high.
Length differs greatly, exact datas follows:

Length 6,62 m
Width 3 m
Heigth 2,52 m

Length 8,32 m
Breite 3,07 m
Heigth 2,73 m

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