Optimization Problems.

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Grizzled Veteran
Jul 13, 2013
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
So I'm on my way of finishing Brecourt map and suddenly I've got optimization problems, most likely lagging and fps drops, but
1)In-editor, in PIE exactly I have very good optimization and stable fps most of the time.
2)After cooking the map, I have very terrible FPS in-game and huge lagging, which distracts me from the game.
I've tried a lot of different methods, such as Cull distance volume, tesselation, grass settings, lighting and deleting all the custom trees, so I clearly have no idea what might be the reason for that.
Any help will be very much appreciated.

Dziga Vertov

FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 22, 2013
It isn't because your running with bots in game and not in pie is it? Cause they slow the hell out of ya not on a server.


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Dec 28, 2011
Ventura, California
Dynamic Actors are a big FPS drain, like destructibles and physics objects (fluttering flags and movable items). Vehicles are a huge drain, with their dynamic shadows, physics and dust storms.

Set cull distances for emmiters and decals in their properties, don't rely on the distance cull volume as they don't have size. Reduce the number of instances of these if you can.

Any dynamic lighting needs to be axed for Net play. That includes dynamic shadows if you're casting them in your Dominant Directional Light with a light function (this will drop out at any games graphics detail settings below ultra)

Check shadow map memory size after brewing, it's one of the tabs in the Actor Browser. Terrain will be the biggest hitter, any meshes with stupid big values need to be examined. Also check BSP UV map settings.

Use the "STAT" console command to look for problems (~ tidle key): [URL]https://udn.epicgames.com/Three/StatsDescriptions.html[/URL] and [URL]https://udn.epicgames.com/Three/VisibilityCulling.html[/URL]
I highly recommend using the STAT D3D9RHI, draw calls is the most important number to limit under 2000 or less. STAT MEMORY is also valuable as it will let you know how much is being used, not everyone has a 4GB GPU!

In the editor, look at the map with the various built in filters, like texture density, etc. Red is bad. They're up there with the wire frame, lit and unlit buttons.

Those are just off the cuff, I could list more if these don't help.
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