[Game] Operation Flashpoint: Red River

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Nov 22, 2005
Game studio makes game fans want -> fans buy game -> game studio makes money

Game studio makes game not even fans want -> fans don't buy game -> game studio doesn't make money
Dev produces assets he's supposed to produce -> dev gets paid
Dev produces something he thinks the fans might like and goes rogue on what he deems the quest to make the perfect game -> dev gets fired and replaced by someone who can do what he's told

Really not fair to blame the "working bees" as Grobut put it for the sorry state of the franchise.

Yes, losing a job is an inherent risk of the job market :)rolleyes:) but does that really doesn't mean we have any right to be joyful when someone's livelihood is at stake, just because he was involved in producing something we didn't like because someone else entirely made bad decisions?
Personally, I think that's a little disgusting.


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Nov 22, 2005
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It's funny how all of a sudden the laws of capitalism and offer & demand get praised when usually they are treated as the root of all evil (e.g. companies focusing the console market, milking the COD series, WOW...).

But anyway, as blatantly as they ignored the feedback coming in even before their first game was released (and after, of course), they pretty much had this coming. I'm sure any of the capable working bees will find their way in the electronic entertainment industry. That's the good thing about it: A good 3D modeler won't be doomed forever just because his last employer had a bad concept of what a tactical fps should look like.
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Apr 1, 2006
Really not fair to blame the "working bees" as Grobut put it for the sorry state of the franchise.

Who's doing that? Did a moderator delete a bunch of posts that went "HAH! That Texture guy i have never heard of lost his job! In your face beeeoootch! I WILL DANCE ON YOUR PAUPER'S GRAVE!!", when i wasen't looking, because i'm not seeing that..

I am seeing people beeing happy that CM got a bloody nose for turning OfP into crap, ohh yes indeed, but that hate is levelled straight at the company itself, the people at the top calling the shots, not at some random 3d or texture guy nobody even knows.

If you should be angry at anyone, you should be angry at the management at CM for putting their employee's in this position in the first place, when even a blind monkey could see thease crappy games didn't have any viable target audience and where destined to fail.
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