[Game] Operation Flashpoint: Red River

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Colt .45 killer

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May 19, 2006
Nah mate, you guys probably have prebriefings, subbriefings, postbriefings and debriefings, chain of command and dedicated weapon roles. Its cool, its cool, but I just wanna play the game :p

As I said, try different groups. I'm not sure about lemon's group but the one I play with is a flat hierarchy. There is a CO and a few others, the positions are voted on every few months and the job mostly entails managing the server / forums. When we play there is a Squad leader, fireteams, and fireteam leads. players pick what role they want, and then grab what weapon they like for that role. Everyone is viewed as a leader, as such from your Candidate phase you will have the opportunity to lead fireteams, or act as Squad lead. This really helps to improve peoples play styles, and how they interact with their team, when they know how hard it can be to be ft/squad lead. In terms of breifings, for large missions (ops with other units) someone writes up a Opord ( describes whos *** your going to kick). Most of the time we just have a very quick After action report which is oriented towards improving yourself and your mates, so you get to tell the other guys what they could have done better, and perhaps have someone tell you what you could have done better...

Our group is all level headed guys, many are ex military; comprised of Canadians, Americans, Germans, Brits, and a few others. An incase you'r wondering the youngest in the unit is probably ~22ish age, with the average being ~30-40's, so you wont have a 13 year old telling you to call him "sir".

Ehh I digress, Fact is you can find any kind of unit you like, from the more democratic as I described above, to the units full of twat 13 year olds who demand respect instead of earning it. You would be surprised how many people there are out there just like you who want to have a good time in a team without BS. The worst that could happen is you hop on TS with one of these groups, hear a 13 year old and disconnect...

Here's the link to the group I play with, hop on TS some time


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Dec 16, 2005
Seriously, when will a reviewer actually review it as a sequal to Cold War Crisis and comment on the fact of how much they ****ed that up?
All i hear is "Faithful to the OFP name", "Hardcore realism sim Red River" and all that other utter nonsense. I mean seriously, what the ****?
Do these guys have **** for eyes? Are they being promised blowjobs by Sion Lenton? What gives?
These 'reviews' constistantly make me want to punch someone in the face.


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May 2, 2006
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Sounds like you have fun there, Colt! I'll see if I can get back into Arma again, both times I've tried I've lost interest because of stupid campaign AI and bugs. I know MP is where it's at, theres just a part of me that wants to finish the SP to properly learn the game before attempting MP...

Couldn't bear to watch that review, the guy playing was so obviously using a controller.

That "low and dry" quote is pretty epic though :D
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Nov 22, 2005
"Yay!" as in:

Yay, a bunch of people lost their job but it's ok because the game they were working on wasn't realistic enough for my taste.

or "Yay!" as in:

Yay! More racing games from Codemasters... Can't wait for their newest rally game that will once again perfectly capture what rally is about!
IT'S ABOUT BEING EXTREME DUDE BRO! I want a lesbian surfer chick with a smoky voice as co-driver in the next one and I want her to make ridiculous sexual innuendos constantly!
And I want barely shoulder-long, always wet, curly, blond hair to block my view whenever the car jerks and I want more chatter with the DUDES that makes Point Break sound ****ing reasonable.
I hope they include jetskis and snowmobiles in the next one, because variety is everything and if I wanted to play rally I'd play a ****ing rally game!

Actually. Don't answer. Doesn't matter. I'll -1 this either way.:)
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Nov 22, 2005
Erm, they don't get paid by the fans so...

Game studio makes game fans want -> fans buy game -> game studio makes money

Game studio makes game not even fans want -> fans don't buy game -> game studio doesn't make money
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Apr 1, 2006
Rejoice for people have just lost their jobs.

And rightly so.

That's just how buisness works, it's consumers voting with their wallets as they should be, and seeing "Code Masters" printed somewhere on a game box has allways been the mark of death for a game, i can't think of a single title they have done that didn't range from Mediocre and utterly forgettable, to downright awfull or wholly broken.

Maybe sometime a very long time ago, they actually did make a good game or two, i woulden't know, but for about a decade now, that just hasen't been the case, and it seems the ONLY thing that has kept thease no-talent hacks in buisness, is a shrewd legal team that has been able to buy up known franchises and licenses that could move copies on their name only. God knows the quality of the games isen't what sold them.. and they have consistantly and thoroughly driven every single one of them into the ground with awfull releases and forgettable showelware, only to buy up new licenses to exploit and repeat the process.

That is a bloody appauling buisness model, and they bloody deserve to go out of buisness entirely, and i hope they eventually will.

And sure, it sucks when people lose their jobs, since most of them are just worker-bee's who had nothing to do with the poor management of the company, but that does not mean we should considder every buisness sacred or shed a tear when a crappy one goes under.

That's the job market for you, and yes it sucks, but it's a risk everyone runs when they sign on for a job, it's just how things are.