Online Multiplayer Modes

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 4, 2009
Lost in the land of Magic
I would love to see some online multiplayer gametypes both co-operative and competitive.

Team Tower Defence - Just the same but with someone else helping you defend off the evil hordes.


Arcade VS - See who can get the highest score in the set amount of time playing Arcade mode and both of you have the exact same map to play on.

Will add more suggestions to this as I come up with them...


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 7, 2011
Some More Modes

Some More Modes

Defend and Assault

Two or more teams duke it out, attacking each others bases with their dwarfs. However, the following rules apply;
- Any area one of your Dwarfs are not near and is not close towards your home base or an outpost will be gray and not show you what is happening there, and instead show the latest known image of it.
- Water and lava appears much less, with enemy caves more often. Treasure slightly less.
- Outposts can have up to six soldiers protecting them.
- All enemies bases are always visible.
- Outposts can not be built close to each other.

The general idea is that each team must tunnel to and attack the enemies base. However, they are unaware from where the enemies are attacking, and if they have reached their tunnels or not. Attackers never know how big and which way the tunnels are heading, making assaults on the enemy base much more interesting.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 24, 2010
A Co-op game mode that lets you play the normal gamemodes co-operatively so that you could have many people allied to operate a huge game area and try to get as much gold as possible!


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 4, 2011
Multiplayer in Dwarfs!? would indeed be pretty awesome! Unfortunately, the code was not made with this in mind (blame me, I do), and forcing it in there would be quite the hassle. I'm not saying it definitely won't happen, but as it is we're putting our focus on improving the single player experience at the moment!

Lesson learned: plan for multiplayer right off the bat!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 23, 2010
Arcade VS - See who can get the highest score in the set amount of time playing Arcade mode and both of you have the exact same map to play on.

A variation of this. You start in the exact same map but with slightly more resources gold than normal. But if one person discovers a cave or mine some gold it disappears for the other one. Preferably you can see the other players progress as transparent overlay with less detail and a chat in which to laugh as the other player gets flooded.

I expect to find a multiplayer mode in your next title -_-'
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