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Objective Versus Mode


Active member
Mar 17, 2017
Although versus mode was a popular request in KF1, it is unfortunate that the versus mode in KF2 is underrated and underplayed. However, this can be attributed to the gameplay schematic of Survival mode being incompatible, or hard to translate to a versus situation, since the gameplay is inherently asymmetrical and harder to balance than PvE-- this is inherent in any asymmetrical PvP games and not solely confined to KF2, Evolve and Natural Selection 2 being the primary examples wherein one side tends to win more often than the other.

I propose that with the recent emergence of objective mechanics in KF2, a rebirth of the versus mode is possible, using objectives as the "buffer" between the balance of Human and Zed players.

The proposed schematic is as such,

The basic idea
Game mode:
Humans are tasked to protect the gates to a research facility (for example), there are 2~3 layers of doors that leads to the final objective which the Zeds have to destroy before all the waves are up.

1. Human-players re-spawn on a cool down instead of end-of-wave, re-spawn times increase in a wave (resets next wave) based on how many times a player was killed,
2. Human-players retain all perk levels from Survival game-play,
3. Objectives can be repaired using the welder,
4. Destroyed objectives can only be repaired once throughout the entire match,
5. The match ends when the final objective is destroyed, not when all Human-players are killed.

1. Zeds gain "Zevolution points" by damaging and killing Human players,
2. Zeds can spend Z-evolution points to unlock Zeds in higher tiers, and make various upgrades to their own Zeds (i.e. does not affect the rest of their team) (e.g. upgraded speed, attack, health pool, skills). Unlocking higher tier Zeds means the Zed-player has a chance of spawning as a higher tier Zed for the rest of the match.
3. Zed upgrades and unlocks do not carry over to other matches.

Additional notes:
Human players are allowed to re-spawn on a cool down to maintain the fighting chance of human players during a match, so that it is no longer a game of numbers.
Zed players get Zed upgrades to compensate for the fact that human players gain better weapons as the match progresses, it also rewards good Zed game play.
The winning condition is changed to the destruction of the final objective, not total destruction of Humans, so as to offer a buffer between the game play balance between Human and Zeds.
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