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[OBJ] SteamFortress incorrect trader voice lines and welding proficiency.


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
1. Trader VO
Reproducibility: Always
Description: When the wave ends on steam fortress objective, instead of Lockheart VO, it plays VO of Ogada Buyu during trader time.
When wave begins again, Lockheart's VO kicks back in.
Both offline/online
Survival mode is unaffected

2. Support welding proficiency.

This one idk If it's a bug or by design, but... During 2 welding objectives, on 1st weld obj wave the support can fully utilize his welding proficiency and repair the box with a single charge of the welder, but on 2nd weld obj wave his proficiency suddenly disappears? And now he has to use whole charge and more to fix one box.

Misc (offtopic)
The whole poor performance thing is happening during multiplayer only, while in single player all the stutter issues do not happen.
Maybe its an issue with how the game handles network that causes all these 1st time action stutters and straight up freeze when pressing VOIP button for the 1st time?

Also official TW servers on hard are a bit of a mess when it comes to zed time.
During zed time the zeds tend to "recall" themselves to the original position before the zed time happened, or just straight up disappear.