NoobQuestion regarding UnrealScript vs. C++

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 16, 2006
Hello, Im studying IT at the moment, so i got moderate skills in Java(made a 2D multiplayer network game as a Project) , and i think i will name it beginner skills :) in C++.
I now want to look a little further into game programming because i think it is motivating way to learn.
My question now is, how much can you do with Unreal script?
For example, is a total Conversion like Red Orchestra was for UT 2003/4 possible only by using the "easy" script language, or do you have to go deeper in the system with C++ to really change/modify a game.
Because by looking for tutorials about UT Technology programming the only ones i found where about Unreal script.
So is it just too Hardcore for casual coders to code Unreal in c++, or is it just not neccessary to make up a good game(hoping for the last one,but prepared to be crushed by the truth^^)
At least, does somebody know UT-C++ tutorials on the net ?

thank you for reading through my really really bad english syntax and gramma skills, not my first language *** you can see.
have a nice day


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 22, 2009
Acutally Unreal's Core is C++ but after that goes the Object and Actor subclasses which use a hybrid of Java and C++ which Create unrealscript
the main difference between UnrealScript and c++ isn't so much the language but the speed that it processes. i won't go to much into detail but UnrealScript is 99.952% Slower then C++ not to learn but Processing speed.

however as for Deepness and level of complexity you can do with unrealscript... about the same as c++ as deep as you want.

oh yea and do to the way the UnrealEngin is made, even tho unrealscript is 99.952% slower then c++ on a technical standpoint, they both run about the same speed because Unrealscript only Does something with Something happens vs c++ where it does something constantly.
ex. Unrealscript will only do something when a projectile is fired and when said projectile hits something. c++ constantly updates the bullet as it goes.
when scripted right both do EXACTLY the same thing but Unrealscript uses less CPU to process it.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 30, 2009
It should be said that you do no have access to the native C++ code when creating a mod for a UE3 game such as RO2, or even working directly with the Unreal Development Kit. You only have access to UnrealScript, which is pretty full featured as a language, but you are going to be limited in implementing some more complex features if it isn't already built into the engine... Like you will not be able to make an MMORPG by modding RO2, because the engine is built to support up to 64 players. To get access to the native C++ code you would have to pay Epic a ton of money to become an actual licensee.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 28, 2013
Unrealscript is pretty much 90% identical to C++. All modern programming languages (OOP ones for games anyways) are nearly identical nowadays.

It should be noted that Unrealscript operates in a single-threaded environment though.