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Dec 6, 2018
TooLateMate mutator is an attempt to fix the way how the game handles with late joiners. Due the fact that this UT2004 leftover never fully worked in KF conditions I have taken steps to write a compatible mutator.

The idea is simple, 20 seconds prior wave start (set by admin, above 5) all players from current game are being whitelisted and anti-latejoiner script starts to roll.

From now on, any new player joining to the game will be automatically discarded from the current game session with appropiate disconnect message (see screenshot).

Mutator is automatically whitelisted since TWI removed whitelist check some time ago. If you use MapVoteV2 you can add this mutator to selected vote options.

  • Player List is saved at certain trader time (set by admin, default is at 5th trader time if we wont count the short one upon spawn)
  • Saving process message in chat 20 secs prior next wave
  • Constant verification of players currently playing to detect any late joiners
  • Instant kick with appropiate disconnect message and chat message for others
  • Spectators and logged admins are supposed to be safe from being kicked (tests needed)
  • Thanks to Player List, player who got disconnected for some reason is safe to rejoin the game
  • KFO support
  • VIP list (abandoned)

For admins:
TooLateMate.ini file allows you to set the trader time wave during which the whitelisting will proceed. WhenToSaveWave value should be set above 5. Wave number in code increases everytime when the trader break starts. KFOWaveSubstrahend can be set between 0 and 7. The number is used for equation:
KFOMaxWaveIndex - KFOWaveSubstrahend

The same rules about saving process apply here as well. For listing of KFO waves, check out this topic.

Server files:

In before rushing potential anger, I'm only trying to fix certain aspects of the game.

On the end, I would like to thanks my friend rAmfu for lending me a hand with testing on his servers and ideas.

Server with this mutator:
[PL] Killing Floor Server #POLSKA (enabled on Sui and HoE difficulty)

Steam Workshop link
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