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New weapons, futuristic revolvers


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 2, 2018
Hello, i highly recommend to add something like revolvers from future, which will be the most powerful in gunslinger class. Also would be great to have another two - plasma revolvers. Community will like it very much.

Just type in search "futuristic revolvers" and u will find so much cool stuff. I wish KF2 had it too.

Also add shotgun from resident evil 4: afterlife movie. It shoots coins instead of bullets. Will be amazing to see silver coins stuck in zeds body.

also: Chainsaw for berserker, dual SMG, minigun, new class with jetpack unique ability, double jump, electric whip weapon for berserker with long range, simple bow, crossbow and futuristic versions of them.
Long spear for berserker, and "industrial style" spear with fire, like left click melee attack, special attack - attached flamethrower (pyro+berserker)


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
Might as well add tactical nuke after killing 25 zeds without being hit.


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
Wow wow wow. You're throwing waaaay too many ideas at the wall there. It would be wise if you took time to ponder it all and come up with some arguments other than the "cool factor" of those ideas.

Nevertheless :

Revolvers, as cool as they are, aren't reaaaally tactical. Now we're talking about a video game of course, so we don't have to follow logic. Still, besides a raw-power increase compared to the .500... What would it bring to the table? Even more so as a T5. I'm all for the inclusion of more toys to the gunslinger arsenal (I believe its the perk with the least amount of unique guns... and with the biggest gap since its last addition). But a futuristic revolver... Not so much. Except if it got some juicy altfire.

Shooting coins is just crossing the line though... It might work in RPGs, but in a semi-serious game as KF2? Meh. I don't really see how and why you would weaponize dosh.

Minigun : nope, too hard to balance.

Chainsaw : nope, we already got the eviscerator

Dual SMGs : why not ? Could be a T3-4-5 (depending on its stats)

Perk with jetpack : naaah. Killing Floor is not a very vertical game anyway.

Spear: sure thing! That's actually something I'd be dying to see for quite a while now.

Electric whip : animating such a weapon would be a nightmare. Not to mention that whips are meant to hurt, not to kill...

Simple Bow : I don't see what it could bring that the crossbow doesn't.