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New Squad - Normal, USA


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 9, 2011
I live in the US in the state of Georgia and a friend and I are looking to start a squad. We both have mics and try to be team players when we play. I bought the game when it went on sale durring the steam summer sale and I have played for almost 140 hours total. I have 2 level 5 perks, medic and support, and 3 level 4 perks I play about 18 hours a week. My friend and I are both over 22 years old and we would rather not play with high schoolers. Our schedules are pretty open in the evening right now so if you live in the US and want to join a squad that plays in the evening (EST time zone) once or twice a week let me know.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 16, 2011
I might be a little high level (all 6, cept commando 4, firebug 4, and demo 5), but I'd be more than willing to give you gents a hand. What difficulty do you play on?
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