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Apr 11, 2011
Up there, in the trees...
Update 04/09/2012: Dread 1.1

Dread 1.1 is here and comes with positive changes.

Change list:

  • Dread now has a custom sound pack making the zed unique to hear.
  • Textures have been refined and altered to better fit with the original zeds of Killing Floor.
  • Dread now comes with no pants and is completely in his birthday suit. Again making him more original and fitting to the game.
  • Fixed issue where Stalkers did not appear with the Add Dread Mutator active.
  • You have a 1 in 4 chance of spawning a Dread when Stalkers spawn now using the Add Dread Mutator.
  • The damage Dread causes has been lowered although Dread can still deal a 1 hit kill if close enough.
  • The Range you can be hit by Dreads explosion has been lowered.

Be aware that this Specimen is still in testing and there are most likely still issues with it.

Other than that, enjoy.

Download here



Don't adjust that Monitor, it is not an error and no it is not a mirage.

I Am Back! HuNteR- Is Back!

And again you read correctly, this is my NEW all ORIGINAL specimen.


[NEW SPECIMEN] - Dread Launch Trailer - Killing Floor - YouTube

No arms, mouth as smooth as action mans nether region. But he's strapped with 5 pipe bombs and the beauty runs like Usain bolt.

Tip. Take this mutha trucker out well before he gets remotely close to you. If you thought the Bloat sucked nuts when he blows up and throws up chunks all over you then Dread is the end of you.

If he gets within 1 persons length of you its goodnight Vienna. There are no do-overs, no ouch that scratched me. Dread will blow up in your face and turn you into mush instantly.

Think you can kite him as a zerk? Not a chance. Even with 100% armor level 6 perking zerking power, you will be instant mush if you get within a persons length of him.

But its not all bad, if you master the ability to take him out at range, he'll take out the group of other specimens he's rolling with. A nice way to decrease the numbers in a sticky situation.

But don't be too confident yet. This sucker blends in like he's wearing specimen camouflage. You can see a cloaked stalker more than you can see this guy coming.

Picture the scene... you are surrounded by clots, crawlers and gorefasts...you're desperately shooting for your life. Then Dread shows up, you can't take him out at a range because you can't see him for the other specimens... then before you can let out a scream its bye bye baby.

This is the new Don of the specimen world.

I kid you not. Take him out as soon as you see him. It's instant death if he gets up close.

You can play against the Dread specimen in the Dread only mutator where only the Dread specimen will appear in game. Or you can play the Add Dread mutator where Dread is added to the list of other specimens.

Dread usually spawns on wave 2/3 of a Long game.

Dread is the first of 10 new specimens. These are apart of the "New Breed" Project I am working on. I will release the specimens one by one when they are complete. This avoids becoming bored and not following through on promises as well...we all know the past.

Anyway, without further rambling, your download link.

See above for latest version Download

Enjoy Folks.

Until next time.


Disclaimer: Dread was 100% created using the assets already available in Killing Floor. No copyright claims here folks.
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Active member
Jun 14, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
Daww how cute, i well try him (more like kill him) out. 10 new specimens! You crazy bastard lol.
You weren't joking about the 1 hit kill. His explosion is so powerful that he can also kill a Scrake with one blow, and cut a FP health down to only about 25%
Im sure some noobs might come in and say not working.
If you just drag the folders, Hunter named them "Animation" and "texture" and didnt added a 's' at the end.
The sandbox name is AddDread.Dread
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May 4, 2006
UnrealEd: Viewport #1
Nice to see your new release. Also not sure if its just me but when I join the thread, a box opens up asking for username/password authorization for your website. Video located in a private section perhaps?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 11, 2011
Up there, in the trees...
Nice to see your new release. Also not sure if its just me but when I join the thread, a box opens up asking for username/password authorization for your website. Video located in a private section perhaps?

Cheers. Its not happening to me when I enter the thread. That's extremely strange. I'll make sure the links are where they should be.

Thank you for the heads up slavek.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 8, 2010
I wish the mods had left the thread in the general section. For in progress specimens, a thread here is great. For released specimens, I think a thread in the general section gets the word out better.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 25, 2011
psst dont care what the mods say. I reported ur "general discussion thread"

I think hunter deserves to have a comeback thread in the discussion section aswell in mod discussions. because of his/her great job for the modding community.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 16, 2010
The maul was on the wpc wolfenstein server that used to be running. The best thing to do is post a thread at www.wolfpackclan.com and Hemi would be able to tell you.

In my opinion i think its great to see something like this, for people that prefer to camp on certain maps makes it a good bit harder as you could get wiped out a lot easier.

Its kinda weird, i was speaking to [WPC]Hemi, and was saying to him it would be good if there was zed that was fast as hell to mix it up a bit more.

Nice one Hunter, cant wait to try him out.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 16, 2010
That was the one i named lol. was actually just on the wpc forum and Hemi has posted saying that he is no longer going to be modding KF.

this from the his post

To avoid questions or other endless threads. I have quit modding for KF. That means further development on all my mods is hereby done, and no longer continued.(my work on them anyway)

This means :

- DeadSpace mod
- PlasmaCutter
- Moss 12
- the Shiver
- the Brute
- the Maul
- RPG mod
- the HellFire
- the Fatale
- the GoreShank
- the Shafter
- the Bastard
- M41A
- Jurassic Park Mod​

Mods will be taken down in a month's time. I thank you all, I had a great time making and testing them with you all.
If someone wants to continue them, please make a little reference towards me...its all I ask hehe.

Left 4 Dinner

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 11, 2012
wow, this seriously loks really neat. its a pretty simple idea, being that you have to kill him from a far distance, or else, Boom! your dead. I would love to see this on a modded server and then give it a shot


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2012
Small critique, if I may. He doesn't look very scary to me. It looks too human-looking as a specimen. Would be cooler if he looked more like a monster. But it's a personal taste thing, of course.

Other than that I like this type of specimen, although, I feel, it might be a little too close to the function of the bloat. But you could simply replace it with the bloat, if that is what you wanted, I guess.

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