New realism campaign

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 20, 2006
Dallas, TX
I'll take Koba's lack of response to my PMs as a 'no' on the discussion thing.

So, I have only 6 hours to reply to PMs before being declared un-cooperative?

The hole thing with Koba seems a little "childish" to me, i mean, he has clearly not the whole community's best interest in mind, he just wanna release before us.

I have no qualms against cooperating with anyone. Add me on xfire - sovnarkom or MSN Let's talk live or in teamspeak where we can make more progress. These forums are dehumanizing to say the least and without inflection, some people are taking comments the wrong way. And btw ... an insult in quotes is still an insult.

And dont tell me this launch from you has nothing to do with us starting this, i know better :rolleyes:

We started this campaign over a month ago. Then yall decided to start your own seperate campaign instead of cooperating with me and continuing the common work of ORC. Now, you're trying to twist the facts and make it look like I'm rushing some campaign out the door while yall have worked on this only 4 days before I posted here. But whatever the case ...

[3.SA]Koba said:
Pita said:
[3.SA]Koba said:
Pita said:
We've got some serious discussing to do, lets talk things through. Our forum or yours?

Here's ours, let me know if you register and I will give you access to our council so you can discuss this with all of us.

Let's have a discussion on teamspeak mate or by instant messaging. There's more inflection in a live conversation. What's your xfire or MSN?

I dont think IM would be a good idea, you will have to talk to all of us, there is no 1 leader. TeamSpeak would be the best solution, if we had to keep it in "real time", but then you'd have the trouble of people might not making the specified date/time. Personally I believe the forum can work a lot better this way, if everyone is polite (Which I'm sure they will be) then I'm sure we could have a sober discussion.

Well, we've been talking in the RO forums and that's just ended with people accusing me overything from staging a "cabal" to being "childish." There's no inflection in text communication. We'll have a discussion in teamspeak. Pick the date and time and I'll accomadate in the 3rd Shock ts ...
pw Lemur

... ball is in your court. Pick a date/time amongst yourselves. I don't care when, I'll accomadate and we'll have a civil discussion.
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[181] Hypatia

FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 31, 2007
Yea i know you have been working on this thing for some time Koba, just people have said that its taking too long and its not coming up.Sorry if i offended you, that was not my meaning, just seemed like you werent beeing willing to merge.
I'll add you on xfire, mine is thaa1977.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 20, 2006
In a tank
Forum is down atm
"We are right now making maintainance work to
make our service even faster, it will be ready at 18:30 CET"

Bout the meeting, How bout 7/15 ? at 6:00 est ? (euros come also)​


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 26, 2006
So Hypatia.. you guys had enough of the b.s. yet?

C'mon.. run with this thing and get the realism units back into some regular battles.



FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 4, 2007
The 8.SS is interested in this campaign, so I would like to announce that we shall see about joining now.

However, I'm rather confused as to what the status of the campaing is. The 8.SS is eager to fight!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 4, 2006
Yeah, you'd be better off going with Koba's, odds are this thing is not gonna fly


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 8, 2007
Clan RMC is interested we have only just sent in our registration etc we are a realism clan and a campaign would be good for us right now if there is one running