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new post moderation question


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Jul 31, 2013
since i didn't really find anything about this issue in the rules, and don't know where to ask about it, i'll just do it here.

every post i make has to be approved by a moderator first. now i can somewhat understand that policy to prevent spamming, but i have to ask if this condition gets lifted sometime and when (i'd imagine after a certain amount of time once the account was created).

the problem is that it's basically impossible to participate in any kind of discussion for 2 reasons. first one is that it apparently takes up to several days before the post gets approved, which is obviously a really long time on any forum that's not completely dead, and so by the time the post actually gets posted, the discussion might shift somewhere completely else or even just die.

however, even if that alone would make any attempt to participate in discussions here difficult, that's actually a minor problem. the issue that pretty much completely defeats any purpose of posting here at all is the fact that once the post gets approved, it doesn't appear as a new post in the thread, but rather just becomes visible in the place where it would have been posted in the first place.

needless to say, by the time the mod confirms the post, in most cases it's already buried under several new posts in the better case, pages in the worse case. and considering if even 1 person posts in the thread during the time my post is "pending", which is basically guaranteed over the time of few days, there isn't even any notice of the post being made at all, resulting in little chance of anyone noticing.

and so i have to ask if this is normal and if there's a condition that allows person to post normally, because until that happens, it's completely impossible to post anything (except making new threads with delay i guess). i also want to apologize if it's written somewhere and i missed it, but a quick look through the forum didn't show anything, or maybe i'm just blind.

edit: and just as i posted it, the "trial period" apparently ended, please delete.
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