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Grizzled Veteran
May 31, 2011
Hello & welcome, on RO there is not really any "new player" friendly servers, but i recommend the Ranzig Danzig, The Wild Bunch & Danzig hell hole, those are my default servers i play on.

Just try to play the game and learn as you play, when i started i played horribly, coming from the cod series, i died probably 50 times before even getting my first kill :p

But when you get better at the game the kills are so rewarding compared to cod or other shooters.

Be sure to look into Ro2 too, coming in a month, if you pre order the digital deluxe edition you can get acces to final stage of the beta wich should start soon.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 11, 2007
The Ghetto in the Sky
But when you get better at the game the kills are so rewarding compared to cod or other shooters.

This is so true. Being ex-military and a WW2 reenactor, I'm really into the realism. This game totally caters to that. None of this "headshot-from-a-sniper-rifle-while-bunny-hopping" crap you see in other games.

I play =TaT= Danzig 24/7 Hell Hole quite a bit, and if you play there for a couple of hours a day, you'll be a better player. You start to figure out which weapons work for your playing style, then you start figuring out where all the good action spots and ambush spots are, and then you can start really contributing to the overall team success.

It does just take practice. So stick with it, and if you get frustrated (which happens to me because a lot of players are way better than me), just quit and find a different server or go read a book or something. Remember it's just a game. ;)