KF New Perk: Sub-Machine Gunner / Sub-Gunner

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Barrage o' Fail

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Jun 12, 2013
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EDIT: Didn't realize it already existed. I've got my version up to v9, and am mostly satisfied with how everything turned out so far. I altered the firing speeds and magazine sizes to reflect their IRL values, while the damage I basically sorted into tiers based on mag size, barrel length, and bullet fired.
The weapons used, in the order they appear in the trader menu:

For some footage of early playtesting, this has been around for a few weeks.

Aside from the guns, I gave the perk a movement bonus so they could keep up with Berserkers running around a map. Their lower weight limit is to balance that out, and while all their weapons are relatively low-weight, I want to give them all enough recoil to make prolonged hip-firing prohibitively wasteful.

Their damage output is kept mediocre to reflect that they're mostly shooting pistol rounds; so in order to let them do more damage on higher difficulties, I added the grenade-replacing piece of code from the Firebug perk. The perk uses a Shock Grenade that causes the zap effect over a decent area when it explodes. I also altered the firing code on Zedeks' K-Volt port, so its shots also apply zap when they connect.
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