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Agent Pickles

Apr 15, 2021
There's a part of me that hopes that perks go away altogether for KF3. It seems like players who voice their opinions on these forums play the game for a variety of reasons. The reasons are legit but not always compatible, which leads to frustration and competition among people who would do better to cooperate.

Some people want to play in accordance with their spreadsheet and expect others to play in accordance with the spreadsheet. Some people want to play one particular role and expect others to play different rules. Lots of people want a good medic on their team but few people want to be good medics. It doesn't even matter if you have a good medic if all the other players are off doing their own thing. Other people want to play all the roles/be well-rounded/otherwise avoid being pigeonholed. Some want to crack open a beer, forget the outside world, and share a laugh more than they want to win. A large chunk of my gameplay happens 30 minutes at a time to clear my head from work or studying. I just solo one game and then get back to work. I play with friends sometimes but rarely have a large chunk of time to dedicate to them or to making new friends on here.

But that's just me. I'm not against making new friends through KF. I think that one of the biggest things that TWI could do to improve upon KF2 is to help players find other like-minded players. The random match-ups feel a lot like Russian roulette. I'd like to see options where players can identify their favorite roles, perks, mods, and difficulty settings. Then whoever creates the game can specify how they want their team to look: "I am playing a tank tonight. I need a heal-centric medic, a commando, and a firebug. Four people is perfect so let's block the last two slots. I'm kinda serious about this game so I'd like experienced players with at least prestige level 2 in their respective perks."

Meanwhile, another creator of a group can say, "I'd like to try a team of nothing but Sharps! Because reasons!" Like-minded people will take on that challenge.

If we really were thrust into a dystopian world full of zeds, I don't think we'd turn helpful people away simply because they carried the same weapon. "Nah. You and I both shoot rifles. I'll wait for the chance of running into someone with a shotgun," would be silly in real life, but we kinda expect it here because roles are semi-clearly defined by perks. We accept it as the norm but it is completely optional.

Why have a medic role at all? L4D didn't need them and everybody worked to keep each other alive because 4 guns were better than 3. It was simple and it worked.

Get rid of the syringe as we know it. Get rid of the syringe darts that are included in medic weapons. Give everybody a syringe dart gun. Want to be really good at healing with a syringe dart gun? Upgrade it at the trader pod to hasten its recharge rate, increase magazine capacity, increase potency, and/or add other buffs.

I'd like to see a build-a-bear style RPG element instead of defined perks.

Start with the characters. Donovan, for example, was a boxer. Seems reasonable to say that he would be strong and can carry a 20 lb loadout, have good endurance, and have increased odds of stunning zeds with melee hits and weapon bashes. Seems like he'd make a good Beserker or Support, but now imagine a Sharp with a 20 lb loadout, the ability to stun zeds in melee range, and the ability to sprint away. Adds new elements without pigeonholing.

Then present players with a buffet of passive and unlockable, active skills. Want to be good with explosive weapons, be able to see invisible creatures, and do bonus head shot damage? Seems weird until you remember that there is no such thing as perk weapons anymore. If you're good with C4 and the M99 then roll with it. Prefer to earn more dosh than kills? Then choose the Nepotism Negotiation skill. Each skill costs skill points, skill points can be unlocked as you progress through levels, and choosing some skills might block other skills to retain balance. You can change skills at the start of each game, save certain selections as favorites, and skills can be discussed between teammates prior to start for teams who worry about overlap.

For those of us who just want to see the world burn, they can go full random and let the game decide their skills and make the best of it.

And some of KF2 skills can be replaced with items that can be purchased at the trader pod. The Commando's ability to see Stalkers is presumably because they all are wearing some form of government-issued invisible goggles and not because of some innate difference in their retinas. Let people buy these goggles and upgrade them if that's how they want to spend their dosh. I like the ability to see invisible creatures but not enough to want to play the Commando, who is otherwise fairly one-dimensional.

Anyway... enough about that.

I doubt TWI will do all of that, so I also have ideas for new perks that fit the KF2 mold but brings new attributes to the table. A common thread among others' comments include finding ways to get people to support one another and work together, rather than being individuals in the same room, which has also been my experience with randoms—they're more interested in PRs and dosh than cooperation, communication, and playing again another day. This is more than a perk issue, but how can perks help improve upon that? Share your thoughts and ideas.

Agent Pickles

Apr 15, 2021

Perk Idea: the Egghead​

Some people have more brains than brawn. The Egghead would be a perk that revolves around the idea that Science + Questionable Ethics = Results. Hey, it worked for Kevin Clamley... until we showed up.

While only providing moderate damage support to teammates, what makes the Egghead shine is her ability to enhance and manipulate the battlefield and its players. Energy weapons, resourcefulness, non-healing buffs, hacking, chemical influences, and neutralizing EDARs, are the Egghead's staples. She's a glass cannon, however, and is too weak to carry the typical 15 lbs or thick armor. Luckily, most of her devices are fairly lightweight, but the batteries that charge her devices are hard to find. She'll have to find a way to recharge her weapons as she plays. She's quite out of place in a zed-infested dystopia, but manages to show her worth in non-traditional ways.

Starting Weapons:​

Cattle Prod​
A battery-powered melee weapon that stuns trash zeds and metal-clad medium zeds. Doesn't do much melee damage though, since Eggheads aren't known for their strength.​
EDAR Trapper Grenade​
Can temporarily freeze nearby zeds in place, giving you and your teammates a chance to regroup or snipe. Doesn't prevent the zed from shooting back, however. It can paralyze one large, 3 medium, or 5 trash zeds and will prioritize largest to smallest.​
Energy-absorbing shield that can bash and, if used to block an incoming hit, helps charge depleted batteries.​

Weapon Ideas:​

T2 - Plasma Pistol.​
A smaller version of what the Matriarch likes to go on and on about.​
T3 - Freon Rifle.​
Shoot a zed to freeze it. Shoot the ground to make it slippery. Keep shooting the ground and you can build up a wall of ice fairly quickly. This can seal up doorways or create bottlenecks on the battlefield where there weren't bottlenecks before. Zeds that pound on the walls take cold damage and are slowed.​
T3 - Materializer.​
The world's grossest, yet handiest, 3D printer. It needs source materials, which the zeds have in spades. Unlike the HRG Vampire, it hoovers corpses rather than draining life from moving biomatter, and what it creates is dependent upon how much of a particular gib you pick up. Fleshy bits are broken down into base elements, which can be sold at the trader pod, assuming you have the weight space to carry it (otherwise it is dropped for teammates to pick up, if they have the space). Metal bits can be broken down and printed into small dropables like armor plates and ammo packs. The Materializer requires batteries to use.​
T3 - Biohacker.​
Scan the zed, shoot it with some wired probes (similar to a taser) and don some VR Goggles and you'll temporarily see through the Zed's eyes and control its actions. Scanning takes a moment, so don't be surprised if the FP or Skrake gets a few shots in first. Also, the wired probes have a limited length, so don't send your pet zed too far away or you'll be disconnected. Because the Egghead looks through the Zed's eyes, she doesn't have a great understanding of whether or not the damage she's taking is happening to the zed or to her defenseless body. A Tier 3 weapon at first, you can't control FPs or Skrakes until fully upgraded. She might need reliable teammates to make this one worth it. Have your Demo teammate plop a C4 on your zed and scratch "learn what it is like to be a suicide bomber" off of your bucket list. It is difficult for your co-mercs to tell if the zed is under your control, so make sure you communicate before they kill your avatar. Doesn't work on bosses.​
T3 - Fighter Drones.​
Again with the VR Goggles and game controller, you'll have an unparalleled understanding of the battlefield. Use alt-fire to tag enemies, giving the Egghead assist credits and giving teammates a better understanding of where enemies are located (similar to how icons appear when down to the last handful of zeds, but with specific icons indicating the type of zed, distance away, and health remaining). The drone has a 22LR pistol attached for trash sniping, but, again, have your Demo teammate plop some C4 on it for kamikaze missions. The drone's propellers also clear out smoke and other gases. But the batteries don't last long, the drone is easily killed if shot, clawed, or you run it into a wall too hard, and you have limited to no understanding of what is happening around your body. Works best outside, but a skilled/lucky drone pilot can take it anywhere it needs to go.​
T2 - RC Mines.​
Use a remote controlled car to drive a landmine up to some zeds. They'll stomp on anything that moves. Demos get these, too, and their booms are more impressive, but the Egghead's cars zip around faster and further.​
T2 - Holograms.​
Use a slingshot to fling a holographic projector at a zed, which does minor damage. Upon landing, the projector will emit a hologram of yourself. Zeds aren't that bright and will attack it, giving you and your buddies time to snipe them. Batteries don't last long but scale up nicely as it is upgraded. The Egghead only gets one, but she can pick it back up and replace its battery once it dies. Can be destroyed by sonic attacks but most zeds attack the hologram and not the emitter.​
T4 - Hand-Pump Pesticide Sprayer.​
This is the most manual labor an Egghead is willing to do. Use the iron sights button to pump and charge the container, and then spray a stream of sticky poisonous goo at nearby zeds, giving them poison DOT, a penalty to speed, and a penalty to damage they try to impart. Talk to your local firebug about igniting the goo for bonus damage. The poison is especially helpful at slowing down Crawlers and keeping them grounded. Husks might set themselves on fire. They prefer the fire more than poison, but anything else nearby that is also covered in the spray will care, possibly causing zed-on-zed action.​
T2 - Lightning Bolt Turret.​
An autonomous laser turret will target and zap nearby zeds. Drop it and forget it, but don't expect its batteries to last forever or for it to survive more than one hit. Mostly affecting zeds with circuitry, it is little more than a glorified laser pointer. But wise placement can give you hints about the changing battlefield and help protect a weak flank. It always aims for the chest.​
T3 - Laptop.​
Battlefields were made for... sitting down and hacking? That doesn't sound right, but maybe that's how it is in dystopian settings. Steal money from around the world and deposit it into the Egghead's (and her teammates') accounts. Won't do any damage, but will set everyone up nicely for the next round if the Egghead's other boons aren't needed. Also useful for any kind of hacking objective, such as giving you the ability to remotely overclock escort drones. Hacking during any of those "babysit this computer while it decrypts a password" style objectives will speed up the process. Hacking while inside the purple defense rings makes every kill worth more Dosh, increasing the speed at which the defense is completed. Can be upgraded with faster processors. Could get expensive. Have you priced GPUs lately?! Teammates that interact with you while you're hacking can buy and sell weapons on the deep web. The prices are ridiculously unfair, but provides a change in loadout, mid-round.​
T5 - Satellite Link.​
Zap zeds from space with a massive beam of fire, electric, and EMP damage. Only works outside, takes a while to lock on and fire, and the limited number of remaining working satellite weapons means the Egghead can't use it very often. Damages teammates if she's not careful.​
T4 - X-Ray Cannon.​
First see through walls, then shoot through walls. Easy enough, but even looking through the scope uses batteries.​
T5 - Energy Disruptor.​
Does very little damage, but neutralizes any in-progress non-melee, energy-powered special move. The Patriarch is beep-booping his way towards a rocket attack? Neutralize it. The Matriarch is going on about her plasma cannon? Shut her up. The Husk is doing... well... any of its moves? Stop it. Highly effective if you can swap weapons quickly enough to get a shot off before too much damage is done. Completely deactivates EDARs or fries their circuitry, causing them to shoot in random directions, possibly aggro'ing another zed.​
T2 - E.D.E.R.P.S.​
Energy Displacing Enfeebling Robot Puffy Stickers... because... yeah... that sounds legit. These stickers have circuitry embedded into them so that when they are placed on EDARs, they will disable the EDAR and wirelessly transfer the bot's battery power to any of the Egghead's drained battery packs. Cheap and lightweight, it'll drain the EDAR until it burns out. Fully upgraded, it'll effectively turn a sticker into a one-shot, one kill device... but it requires the Egghead to get up close and personal to the EDAR and stay close during the energy transfer. Furthermore, any damage to the EDAR will damage the sticker, severing the connection and reactivating the EDAR.​
T3 - Rioter Dart Gun.​
Turn any Dr. Jekyll into a Mr. Hyde. I've given details for how this weapon/tool might manifest in other posts, ad nauseam at this point, but I love this idea and now I can try to fit it into a different perk, which means a different manifestation. The gun provides short-lived buffs to self or others (improved movement speed, reload speed, and strength, and reduced recoil). Strength boost might allow a player to pick up a downed teammate's dropped weapon, even if you'd ordinarily be at max weight. Overcharging the Rioter weapon will create a 5m aura effect on everyone nearby, at the cost of ammo/batteries/chemicals/whatever. Shooting zeds with this chemical will give them the rioter effect as well. Giving zeds too much of this chemical will cause them to attack whatever is nearest to them, which can potentially turn a FP into a teammate until you're next on its list. Effects won't stack on teammates, but will stack on zeds, turning them into micro-bosses.​
T2 - Air Cannon.​
Does very little damage, but has a good pushback effect. It gets the Egghead and her teammates out of corners and pushes zeds into environmental traps. It starts out weak but upgrading it increases the odds of ragdolling, knocking over, and stumbling. Fully upgraded, it might be able to push big zeds off of precipices. Alt-fire expells a ring of air in all directions, pushing away all nearby zeds.​

Perk Skills:​

Energy Expert.​
The Egghead knows how to get the most out of batteries and energy devices last longer. Without this passive skill her devices would drain very quickly. She also receives ammo and damage bonuses with any energy weapon from other perks. She does quite poorly with traditional guns, however.​
High-tech clothing. Not only can the Egghead not be grabbed, but any zed that attempts to grab her is zapped and stumbled.​
Ear Buds.​
Pops, bangs, and the other sounds of battle are just so... distracting! The Egghead has reduced negative effects from sonic attacks, thanks to her favorite playlist.​
Teleport Pad.​
A once-per-round use only tool, a blow that might normally kill the Egghead will teleport her to the original spawn point or most-recently accessed trader pod. It might get her out of a sticky situation but also far away from support or objectives... or to an even more dangerous spot.​
Algae is the Future.​
Similar to the free ammo and grenades from Support and Demo, if you give your empty energy packs and drained batteries to the Egghead and wait a minute, she'll be able to consolidate and recharge 50% of the lost energy. She'll give you 25% and keep the other 25% for her own devices.​
Gives the Egghead a faster movement speed and jumps twice as high. Also allows one teammate to climb on her back and shoot from there. No Egghead stacking though. Tell your 'zerker to buy the Pulverizer and show the world how polo was always supposed to be played.​
Chemical Dispensary.​
Syringes recharge faster if you are within 5m of the Egghead.​
Cryptocurrency Mining.​
The Egghead's computers are constantly and passively earning bonus dosh and deposits some of it into the account of anyone who kills a zed that is within 5m of the Egghead. It's not much, but it can add up.​
Sprinkler System.​
Sick of being on fire or coated in body fluids? The Egghead's automatic sprinkler system will quench that fire and remove that filth in a couple of seconds. You have to be her or be within 5m of her to enjoy the effect.​
Phase Shift (Level 25 Perk option).​
Walk through zeds during zed time at normal walking speed, causing electrical damage to any zed you touch and massive damage to any zed that you're inside when the zed time ends.​
Rioter Gas Auto Emitter (Level 25 Perk option).​
Similar to the Field Medic's Airborne Agent perk option, except the Egghead emits a speed buff (faster reloads, melee attacks, etc.) and unlimited energy ammo without a need for reloading for any teammate within 10m during zed time.​
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Agent Pickles

Apr 15, 2021

Perk Idea: The Mystic​

Where the Egghead's mastery of science and intellectual pursuits ends, the Mystic and her intuitive pursuits begin. In a world of mad science, an awakened Cthulhu, visits to the afterlife, and the gates of hell all sprung open, no one is truly in a position to remain close-minded.

That is why the Mystic embraces the hidden, lost, and sometimes dark, arts. Just because the infinite energies of the universe are barely explored or understood does not mean the Mystic shies away from using them.
  • No ammo needed. The Mystic's weapons are powered by her Spirit. Call it the soul, chi, life force, or mumbo jumbo—the Mystic doesn't care. It works and it powers most of her relics.
  • The bigger the zed, the more Spirit is used. Some relics drain the Mystic of all of her Spirit with each use. The more the relic is upgraded, the more damage/effect/duration it has, and possibly affects more than the usual number of zeds.
  • Nothing recharges Mystic Spirit more than feeling the warmth of her enemy's blood. Bathing in an HRG Vampire Blood Sphere is a great way to do that, but so are using the Mystic's melee Ceremonial Weapons. Haven't managed a kill in a while? Don't worry, the Mystic can always use alt-fire to cut herself and smear her blood on her weapons at the cost of some health. Her Ceremonial Weapons can't parry.
  • The Mystic's source of strength is also her greatest weakness. Her desire for tradition and need for dexterity means she dons no armor. While she needs melee combat to recharge her Spirit, she struggles with defense.
  • All of the relics in her armory are Tier 2. While her faith is weak at first, time and money spent on rituals between rounds improves the impact of her relics. Fully upgraded and fully charged, some of her relics, including her starting relic, can down a FP faster than any other perk.
  • The Mystic's abilities punctuates our collective connectedness. Teammates would be wise to stay near and protect her.

Starting Weapons:​

Voodoo Dolls​
Use the power of curses to stabit, twistit, and bopit at range with your zed plushy in one hand and knitting needles in another. Does invisible, instant damage at range that ignores armor.​

Dem Bones (grenade)​
Because of their personal, hand-carved nature, you won't find these in ammo boxes or at the Trader. These rune-carved bones can add some chaos to the battleground. Throw them at a zed and expect the unexpected. Possible outcomes include:​
  1. nothing happens
  2. a wide range of damage
  3. set the target on fire
  4. the bone explodes on contact
  5. the zed morphs into another zed
  6. the zed fights for the Mystic for a short time
The Mystic can also throw them at a solid surface. Possible outcomes include:​
  1. nothing happens
  2. a zed appears
  3. armor, ammo, a Tier 1 gun, or healing broth appears for teammates to pick up
  4. an explosion, fire, burst of electricity, or black hole effect is created
  5. localized Zed Time spheres
Ceremonial Dagger​
A finely carved stone dagger. Assists and kills with this weapon recharge the Mystic's Spirit. Stab a corpse with this dagger to create the Mystic's Bones (grenades). The Mystic can alt-fire with this weapon to cut herself and recharge some Mystic Spirit.​

Weapon Ideas:​

Demon Skull​
Carrying the demon skull in one hand allows you to spout fire with your other hand. Alt-fire will cause any zed that is on fire and below XX% health to explode into fiery gibs, burning nearby zeds.​
When it comes to ceremonial death, few earthly tribes could out-perform the Aztecs. But the Macuahuitl is not just a macabre reflection of the death it deals. As a Ceremonial Weapon, damage dealt with the Macuahuitl recharges the Mystic's Spirit. The Mystic can alt-fire with this weapon to cut herself and recharge some Mystic Spirit at the cost of her health.​
Vlad's Favorite Impaler​
Similar to Thor's Mjölnir, except with a darker past and a pointier tip. This spear is permanently stained with the blood of countless victims. The Mystic can stab with it or hurl it at zeds, pinning multiple zeds to the wall. Snap your fingers (alt-fire) and it returns to whomever threw it. Its melee attack doesn't do as much damage as the Macuahuitl, but Zeds' blood will soak into the wood, making the Impaler a heavy but self-replenishing medium-ranged weapon.​
Hand of Glory​
This is how bowling will look in a zed-infested dystopia. Take the severed hand of a criminal, perform the sacred ritual, and the Mystic has a new, morbid glove. With it, the Mystic can grab zeds from a distance and treat them like rag dolls. Smash them into walls. Smash them into each other. Use them as meat shields against projectiles. Sweep up some crawlers. Flung zeds might stumble or knock over other zeds, especially if fully upgraded. Alt-fire switches between grabbing baddies, or friendlies (rescue them from being pinned down), or inanimate objects such as ammo packs and armor (which the Mystic has no use for, but can fling to teammates), weapons, and (if upgraded enough) incoming rockets (yup, return those things to sender). Trash zeds won't last long before they fall apart, but an upgraded Hand of Glory can manipulate heavier zeds and improve range and Spirit effiency. A fully-upgraded Hand of Glory might accidentally crush a trash zed rather than pick it up.​
Bull of Phalaris​
A trumpet shaped like the head of a bull, the wail it emits causes sonic damage to nearby zeds and encourages them to flee. Fully upgraded, its blast can turn all trash zeds within 5m into a fine, red mist, and push away the mightiest of zeds, competing with the an effective demo explosion without endangering the Mystic or her teammates. The sound fortifies the Mystic's friends' resolve, giving the Mystic and her teammates a temporary damage resistance.​

Baron Samedi's Cane​
Not just a bludgeoning weapon, this skull-adorned cane holds the power to heal teammates and resurrect the dead. One of the Mystic's fallen teammates can be temporarily resurrected as a zed. If no dead teammate is nearby, the Mystic can temporarily resurrect a nearby zed corpse. The more it is upgraded, the more powerful the zed.​
Staff of Moses​
A staff, carved with a serpent motif, that can be used as a bludgeoning melee weapon with minor reach, or the RMB can create the following effects (chosen via alt-fire):​
  • Plague of Boils. Zeds panic and take poison damage. If they die from the boils, they occasionally explode. While the staff can only infect one target at a time, the boils can be passed from one zed to another via touch.
  • Part the Zed Sea. Zeds immediately in front of the Mystic are stumbled to the left or right. This creates nice rows of zeds for teammates with high penetration weapons to slaughter, as well as a nice lane down the center for escapes or for teammates to snipe that far away zed.
  • Plague of Locusts. Slows down a single zed. Headshots by teammates on this zed have increased odds of triggering Zed Time.
  • Release the Angel of Death. A black ghost emerges from the Staff and insta-kills the nearest non-boss zed, even if it is invisible.
Ba'al's Whip​
This short cat of nine tails creates thunder (sonic damage to nearby zeds) and lightning (a bolt that surges forward from the Mystic) when cracked. Any zed that is unfortunate enough to feel the lash of the whip suffers damage over time bleeding.​
Medusa's Eyes​
Has a good chance at paralyzing zeds for a second, with each upgrade increasing those odds, but quickly drains Spirit. Finally, snipers can't complain about a teammate's special effects ruining their head shots.​
Emanuel Wynn's Cutlass​
Let the zeds' last moments last a bit longer. This cutlass was built with an hourglass embedded in the handle. Made of steel, glass, gold, teeth, and bone, this sword's hourglass doesn't create, but can be filled by Spirit. Flip the hourglass over to initiate a Zed Time at will, which consumes the sand as it cascades down. More Spirit = more sand = more Zed Time.​

Perk Skills:​

P — Charmer​
When holding still, there is a chance (3%/level) that the Mystic appears harmless to zeds that she is not attacking. Those zeds will aggro to the Mystic's teammates instead, if nearby.​
P — Revitalize​
The Mystic's Syringe's recharge rate gets a boost that is equal to her level. Nearby teammates also get this benefit if they don't already have a better recharge rate.​
P — Already Claimed​
With her soul already sold to several higher powers, the Mystic is immune to life-sapping attacks, such as Hans' vampiric touch.​
P — Vengeance​
The Mystic acts as a beacon to souls with unfinished business. These invisible spirits don't like to be bothered. Zeds that attack the Mystic occasionally find themselves taking minor damage from the Mystic's "guardians."​
P — Connected​
The Mystic receives a 10% Spirit bonus for every nearby teammate, and nearby teammates receive a reload speed buff of 1%/Mystic level.​
5a — We Are Called Legion, For We Are Many​
There is a small chance that a melee hit results in a sudden pummeling of the Mystic's, and any of the Mystic's melee'ing teammates' within 5m, target(s).​
5b — Critical Hit​
There is a small chance that your Ceremonial Knife does bonus damage to large zeds and completely restores Spirit.​
10a — Be The Mountain​
Zeds do less damage to the Mystic and her Spirit recharges faster when she standing during the attacks.​
10b — Be The Water​
Increased movement and melee attack speed.​
15a — We Are All Connected​
Nearby teammates do more damage and that extra damage helps recharge the Mystic's Spirit.​
15b — Cannibal​
The Mystic regains health by hacking up corpses.​
20a — Meditation​
With this perk, the Mystic hones her ability to efficiently use Spirit. Her weapons use XX% less Spirit.​
20b — Mistic Mystic​
The Mystic gains a small chance to have zed attacks pass through her. Nearby teammates gain the same benefit, but at a lesser chance.​
Recooperation Ward (Level 25 Perk option)​
During Zed time, all zeds within a XX meter radius of the Mystic are pushed back. The Mystic and all teammates within XXm of her reload and heal in real time. During this time, all syringes within the Mystic's radius will recharge and stay fully charged, no matter how often they're used.​
Hands from Hell (Level 25 Perk option)​
Demonic arms burst from the floors, snagging all of the non-boss zeds that the Mystic can see in her field of view and holding them in place throughout the duration of the Zed Time. These zeds take fire damage throughout the Zed Time. The Mystic and nearby teammates can weapon switch in real time.​