new guns, rejoice guise :D

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Jul 2, 2009
I'm gonna take a smoke after what i just read

Copy that. So many people.... soooo.... angry........ why can't we all just get together, arm yourself with your favorite gun, and mow down some Zombies/ZEDS/Clones (whatever you want to call the nasties)?

Copy that, too. Except that I don't smoke. :eek:
Oh, well. A drink it is then... :rolleyes:

A lot of people seem to get a bit edgy when their views are questioned.

I am somewhat quilty of that, too. Especially if someone dissects everything I say just to point out where I made a punctuation error, how my conversational skills are severely lacking and how everything I say is used against me. In the end of the day this only leaves me frustrated and sad because I have had a lot of problems with it in real life as well, with some rather devastating consequences. But anyway, enough of my personal problems.

Isn't this thread called "new guns, rejoice guise:D"? I thought new weapons in the game was supposed to be a good thing, not something to start fights over. I am certainly happy to have new toys to enrich my gaming experience. Seems that instead, everyone is complaining their favourite killing implement was not used instead of a Kalashnikov descendant, while the rest are just fine with it.

I just can't wait to be able to try using Commando in a Patriarch fight and expect to have a chance of winning. :)


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May 17, 2009
Seriously guys, stop playing Keyboard Commandos.

Everyone here is blasting this update way out of proportion. If you actually bothered to read the news release about the update you would realize that the katana is being added ironically because for some reason it shows up, inexplicably, in a lot of horror films.

As for the AK-47, true: it does have a huge presence in FPSes. The reason is because everyone knows what an AK-47 is, not everybody knows what a tacticool M14 is and how it functions. I will concede that I groaned when I learned that they were adding and AK, but I realized that "Hey, I'm getting free stuff!" so I'm cool with it.

Also, if you have any confidence in the devs you would realize that they have probably done something interesting with the katana and AK-47 to make them unique instead of just reskins of the axe and bullpup.

I would like to also point out that its not like these guys are going to stop releasing new weapons after this patch, be patient and make coherent suggestions and they will comply.