Need opinions on a couple of games...

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2006
Dorset, UK
I'm thinking about buying a couple of games, there's Blitzkrieg II: Fall of the Reich and Frontline: Fields of Thunder, just need some opinions if anyone has played these.


Glorious IS-2 Comrade
Nov 22, 2005
Blitzkrieg 2 (IIRC) is pretty similiar with original Blitzkrieg, with just improvements around.

Frontline is like over-extra


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 14, 2007
Detroit, MI
I'm pretty sure both of these games weren't that great; you should read game reviews at, a site I think is very good; there's the reviewer's review, and then there are the players' reviews (some of them look "canned," especially the shorter very positive reviews; but others are legitimate, and are very good to read).

Finally, if I'm still not sure, I go to the game's website ; you can find out a lot about how the game manufacturer treats its customers and the problems and bugs people are encountering.

Around 95% of the games out there stink; only a handful are any good and worth the money.

You have to read a few reviews before you make that purchase, or else there is a high probability you'll get ripped off. has saved me a lot of money; it separates the wheat from the chaff.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 4, 2006
0 has saved me a lot of money; it separates the wheat from the chaff.

Not trying to be a dick here but I think Gamespot has turned into a hype machine lately: they never say any bad words from games that have big money in them. Like they didn't find anything wrong in Oblivion until Fallout 3 was announced since it will correct all that wasn't so good in Oblivion. Only thing Gamespot offers for me is to pick out really abysmal titles out, everything with the scores between 75 to 100 can be either total crap or good stuff. :rolleyes:


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 16, 2006
I was looking through the PC review list on GameSpot a few days ago and the vast majority of 9+ games are from 1996-2001, while only a few from 2002-2007 get that high a score. I just found that interesting.