Need help with a mod remake

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May 14, 2010
hey guys vid here

and a friend of mine, NuclearMind, wanted to post a message about the remake of an old past time game most of you probably dont remember.

Nuke says:

"I know this is off topic to tripwire, but I heard that there are alot of active modders and coders wanting to build up their experience. This mod will be a Source Engine remake of the great 2000 Rewolf Software's Futuristic Sci-Fi shooter video game, Gunman Chronicles, which was sadly under rated in it's time. So if there is anyone out there with knowledge of mapping, coding, modeling, graphic design or anything else that could be helpful, and want to build up you're experience,

please reply or email us at:"

well folks the reason why i posted this is because as he set up his tripwire account he couldn't post anything yet so i thought i would be his voice for a bit. i am as well working with him to get this game remade so yeh.

and go easy on him, he's new afterall.

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