Navigation node embedded in level geometry

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May 21, 2009
I'm constantly getting this error after rebuilding my map, but I'v checked these nodes and they are fine, out in the open away from any bsps.

I think this is mainly caused by dodgy BSPs, because as soon as I edit some, this error comes up, is it possible to find out which BSPs are the offending ones?

I can't ignore the error because when actors run past the nodes that have an error, they just die for some reason.


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Nov 22, 2005
This is an attempt to explain what causes BSP errors and how to circumvent them.
Unfortunately there is no way to tell which brush is causing the error except for checking every brush in the general area for errors as explained in the tutorial above.

Sometimes it helps to rebuild the individual parts individually (ie, geometry, then lighting, then paths). Also there is a slider in the build options that you can pull to Minimize Cuts. The lower the value the less likely you get bsp errors.
BUT, if they show up (after a rebuild! They occur frequently while working with brushes. Nothing to worry about unless they stay after a rebuild!) at all, there is most likely a faulty brush somewhere and the slider only postpones the problem. It may look fine with it pulled to the left now, but a few rooms later the error might be back and it will be a lot harder to retrace your steps to find out where the offending brush is. So if possible try to fix this as best as you can. Use that slider as a last possibility.