My Rant about tactics

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[UIT] Akame

FNG / Fresh Meat
May 5, 2009
My own personal hell
First (very few people seem to get this): you can change perks as many times as you want between rounds. Use this, if you have the time, to allow you to buy stuff at a reduced price (like cheaper vest for medic).

Second: Start as berserker or medic on a map. They are the only classes (except or support, with the welder) that have any useful perks that you can use on the first wave. Weapon bonuses don't matter if you don't have that weapon and weapon spawns are rare and random, meaning you are unlikely to get the gun you want until the trader or later wave. Berserker reduces the damage you take, boost knife, and resist grabs and medic allows you to easily heal others. If you have a real good group, using only berserker might be even better.

Third: If you have someone with a flame thrower, stand behind or beside them, not in front of them. Focus of the stronger enemies ONLY, except when they are reloading. Fire will kill many weaker specs. A single flame thrower can hold a hallway with little assistance until FP and skrake waves even on hard.

Fourth: Welding doors should be used to funnel specs, not to completely weld them out. Most often, conentrating the specs makes it MORE difficult to defeat them, rather than easier. Always leave a way to escape or have some room to move.

Last: USE THE KNIFE. On normal it is still quite easy to kill the entire first wave with a knife. Clots that are knifed don't attack you and a single alt-fire takes out one on normal. You can use the 9mm or bloats (always aim for the head) and for gorefasts. It will save you tons of ammo.

EDIT: Second point doesn't matter for level 5 perks, since you spawn with a weapon.
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